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Do you like the new version of wechat? How to view the new version of wechat hidden like

Wechat recently came a big update, the main update is the new wechat moment, many people are filming the wechat moment, so does the new version of wechat have hidden likes? How to view the new version of wechat hidden likes? Let's take a look.

Methods / steps:

First, we unlock our mobile phone, click wechat on the desktop of our mobile phone to enter the wechat interface.

After we enter the new version of wechat, we can see that it is the new version. We click my options below to enter my interface.

After entering my interface, you can see bubbles and small red dots in the upper right corner of the location where the wechat moment was taken. Someone praised the name of the card.

We can click in to see who likes you, and the names and avatars of the people who like you will be displayed from the loop all the time.

If we don't want to show the flow of like people, we'll click the bubble in the bubble like sign at the bottom left.

After that, we can delete the circulation of like people by deleting below. The links of other wechat are attached below. You can click to view the functions of the new version of wechat.