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Wechat moment video friends can see it? How to use the new wechat moment video

The version of wechat 7.0.1 brings a new function of instant video, which can shoot videos, and friends can view and bubble. So can wechat moment video friends see it? How to use the new wechat moment video?

Wechat moment video release:

Open wechat, click my button and jump to my interface.

In my interface, you will see a Photo button in the upper right corner. After clicking, you will be prompted with a message. Click 'I know' to enter the time video interface.

In the time video interface, you can take pictures or read the videos in the album.

After making a video, you can add expressions, places, songs and words to the video, and then click 'that's it' to finish the moment video and release it.