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How to deal with Toona before eating? Do you want to blanch Chinese toon before eating

Every spring, the branches of Chinese toon trees bloom countless red buds full of vitality, which is the head of Chinese toon. Stir fry, mix and marinate without blanching. According to medicine, the head of Toona sinensis is bitter and warm in nature, with functions of expectorant, diuretic, hemostatic, analgesic, heat clearing and detoxification, stomach strengthening and Qi regulating. So deeply loved by many people, but although the Toona is delicious, it must be blanched before eating to avoid poisoning.

Select the fresh and tender Toona sinensis sprouts, remove the yellow leaves and old stems, clean them, put them in a jar according to one layer of Toona sinensis and one layer of salt, the amount of salt is about 6%, turn them in the morning and evening every day, take them out for the third time, dry them for one day, and marinate them with 2% sugar, 15% vinegar and 2% chili powder. Mix the spring buds and chili powder into the jar, then dissolve the sugar in the vinegar and pour into the jar, seal. It can be eaten in 8-12 days. The color is yellowish. It's delicious and has a long storage time.

The nitrate content of Toona sinensis was low at the initial stage of germination, and the nitrate content increased with the growth of Toona sinensis buds. The tender Chinese toon doesn't need blanching water, the market needs blanching water.

However, in the process of storage at room temperature, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, which will bring security risks. Fresh Toona sinensis buds increased with the storage of nitrite. That is to say, it is safe to eat the fresh toon sprouts picked from trees immediately, while the content of nitrite in the toon sprouts purchased from the market will increase greatly because of the transportation process. If it's time for the leaves to fall off, it's bound to produce a lot of nitrite. Toona sinensis contains nitrate and nitrite, and the content is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables. If it is not fresh enough, it is recommended to blanch it in boiling water. Blanching Toona sinensis in boiling water for about 1 minute can remove more than two-thirds of nitrite and nitrate, and also can better preserve the green color of Toona sinensis. Because the aroma components of Toona sinensis are mainly derived from essential oils, they are insoluble in water. Therefore, scalding does not significantly affect the flavor of dishes.

Toona sinensis has a unique flavor, attractive appetite, and high nutritional value, rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B content in vegetables is also among the top. Although there are many ways to eat Chinese toon, such as stir frying, cold mixing, making cakes, salting and so on, my favorite is fried eggs with Chinese toon.

Studies have shown that Toona sinensis is helpful for the prevention of chronic diseases. It contains the ingredients that inhibit a variety of pathogenic bacteria, help anti-tumor, reduce blood lipid and blood sugar, and is rich in polyphenol antioxidant components.

Do Chinese toon need blanching water?

Toona is delicious, but it can be poisoned if not eaten properly. Because Toona sinensis contains more nitrate and nitrite, it may form carcinogens in the body. Blanching Toona sinensis in water for about 1 minute can remove more than 2 / 3 of nitrite and nitrate. Therefore, you should blanch the Toona before cooking. The aroma of Toona sinensis is mainly from insoluble oil. Therefore, scalding does not affect the flavor of dishes.

Why should Chinese toon be blanched?

Toona sinensis should be blanched in boiling water for about 1 minute before eating, which can remove more than two-thirds of nitrite and nitrate, and better preserve its vitamin C and its green aromatic quality. The results showed that the vitamin C content of blanched Toona was 71% of that of fresh Toona, while that of non blanched Toona was only 35%. Before pickling, Toona sprouts should also be blanched, and the pickling time should be kept for more than a week. It is the safest to eat, because after pickling, the content of nitrite will increase rapidly, reaching the peak in three or four days.