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What is the ghost press? Decipher the cause of ghost press

When science was still underdeveloped, people used to connect everything beyond the scope of cognition with the theory of ghosts and gods. For example, "ghosts press the bed." many people have encountered such a situation that they can't control their bodies when they are awake. So why does the ghost press the bed?

So why does the ghost press the bed

In fact, when you are in a deep sleep state, there are still many things happening in your mind, and it is the activity in your brain that marks these different stages of sleep.

Sleep will show different brain wave patterns through a series of stages. There are two main sleep types: non rapid eye movement (NREM) - also known as quiet sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM) - also known as active sleep or abnormal sleep. In the normal REM sleep stage, skeletal muscle will reduce muscle tension, resulting in the failure to complete the action.

Under normal circumstances, when we wake up from sleep, the muscle tension of skeletal muscle will immediately recover, so we can make normal actions in time whether we get up or get up at night. Even when the brain receives uncomfortable signals from a certain part of the body in sleep, it can also increase the muscle tension of skeletal muscle, so that we can make the turn over action.

The reason of ghost press

But if you wake up suddenly for some reason in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage, you will have a 'brain awakening', but in fact, the muscle tension is still decreasing or decreasing, and the 'ghost bed' situation appears.

As for the problem that some people can see illusions, in fact, it can be understood that they frighten themselves. Because their hands and feet can't make effective actions, people's hearts will certainly have a fear. Combined with the surrounding dark environment and even some strange wind, it's very normal for the brain to make up some illusions.

In fact, in such a situation, we just need to relax ourselves, overcome our fear, and tell ourselves: 'it will return to normal soon', then it can really return to normal soon. After all, when the sober brain detects the problem, it will immediately take action to wake up the skeletal muscle tension, which is why we can recover quickly in the case of ghost pressure I've seen so many reasons for my reply. I think we won't be afraid when we encounter the situation of "ghost pressure"!