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What is PDI testing for buying a new car? What are the contents of automobile PDI detection

When you pick up the car, have you ever heard of the "PDI test" mentioned by the sales department? Or, has the sales department charged you a "PDI test fee"? Today I'll explain to you what "PDI test" is. In fact, this is the most crucial step in buying a car. Don't ignore it!

PDI is the abbreviation of pre delivery inspection, which means' pre delivery inspection '. It is the inspection procedure that the dealer must perform before delivering the new car to the consumer. The higher the car grade and the higher the degree of electronic automation, the more PDI inspection items. It may take hundreds of kilometers of transportation and long-time parking for a new car to arrive at the dealer from the manufacturer. During this period, there may be some scratches or other accidents (although the probability is very low). In order to ensure that the new car delivered to customers does not have any problems, PDI inspection is essential. It represents the turning point of the new car from transporting goods to officially 'unlocking' put into use.

The new car without PDI will always run in transport mode. In this mode, most of the vehicle's systems are not activated and can only do simple driving. They are basically used to move the vehicle. The speed and mileage are limited. Forced use will lead to incomplete functions and may cause great harm to the safety of the vehicle and the driver. There are many PDI inspection items, some of which may not even be considered by the owner, such as whether the battery is charged and discharged normally, whether the key memory function matches, whether the comfort system is activated, whether the instrument lighting function, tire pressure, etc. are set to the original factory standard value, etc.

Special attention! PDI testing is the obligation of dealers and is free of charge. Therefore, if a dealer collects fees in the name of new car testing, it can be judged as illegal. But now many times, dealers will start to do a test when the vehicle arrives at the warehouse, and they will not do PDI in front of the customers when they sell it, or even not at all, because many consumers do not know about PDI testing at all.

If a car is unsealed in advance, there will be more uncertainties. For example, it is more likely to be used by a 4S store. It can be said that if you do PDI test on your new car after you look at it, the car condition will generally be better, and it has not been used additionally before. The most formal PDI detection should be done face to face. The whole process takes about 40 minutes. If you have time, you should watch the process in person.

The normal steps are as follows: first of all, the master in the shop will take a PDI work sheet, which has a total of more than 70 inspection items. The PDI standard of different brands will be slightly different, but at least it should be done according to the process on the test sheet. If you don't do it, you don't have to sign it.

It mainly includes: vehicle exterior: appearance, paint surface, tire pressure (including spare tire), door opening and closing, even child lock, etc.; engine compartment: battery status, oil level, etc.; vehicle interior: whether there are gaps in interior trim and sealing strip, and whether the equipment is in normal use; after starting the engine: whether the engine has noise, lights, functions of electrical equipment, etc; Road test: whether there is a setback, abnormal noise, the working condition of each instrument, whether the navigation is correct, etc.

Let's talk about:

When you buy a car, you must pay attention to the PDI inspection. It is suggested that you should check the car in detail according to the items listed in the PDI inspection form together with the sales department, and sign on the PDI inspection form after confirming that there is no problem. In particular, once signed, it means that the status of the vehicle at the time of sale is recognized. If it is found that 'there is no spare tire' or 'there is a collision mark on the car body' in the future, it will be difficult to identify the responsibility from the dealer, and the resulting disputes are usually difficult to solve.