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Ma Yun's discussion on the specific content of the 996 working system

Make complaints about the implementation of the 2.5 Day weekend holiday on the Internet before, and people began to pay attention to various working systems, especially the 996 systems of Internet Co Tucao, and Ma Yun recently talked about the 996 of the topic. Although Ma Yun's achievements in creating Ali can not be underestimated, Ma Yun's talk about 996 culture is controversial, and many people do not agree with Ma Yun's point of view.

Ma Yun talks about 996 working system as a blessing

Ma Yun thinks that it's a great blessing to be able to do or have something to do with 996. It's lucky for both the enterprise and the employees. Because 996 can create huge profits for enterprises, and 996 can also increase income for employees. This view seems to be OK, but the ideal is full, the reality is cruel.

Netizens raised personal objection to Ma Yun's talk about 996 culture. Netizens said that many times the company would think that 996 is what employees should do and did not pay the corresponding remuneration. At the same time, in the current economic conditions, in addition to Internet companies will have 996 work system, small companies 996 work system is widespread. Small companies not only did not pay employees 996 overtime wages, the company will be ruthless when facing financial crisis to sweep you out.

Ma Yun talks about 996 work system

To be sure, since the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the average inventory time is still no more than three years, which is true. On the issue of 996 overtime, netizens are not unwilling to do it, but unwilling to do it without pay.

Therefore, it is inevitable for Ma Yun to cause controversy when talking about 996 culture. Ma Yun's point of view is different from that of his employees, and there will be differences in his views and feelings. This is a typical problem of opposition between enterprises and employees.

In today's international development, the development of enterprises is expected by the whole country, but how to solve the problem of 996 overtime return is still very serious. 966 is a double-edged sword. No matter which side the state stands on, it will make the balance unbalanced. The only way to make the balance balanced is to negotiate with the enterprise and employees.