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Do you know how to get ashore quickly?

In the hot summer, many people like to go swimming in the surrounding River and small pool But do you know how to get out of danger and get ashore quickly in case of emergency, such as leg cramps, whirlpools and so on? Life is precious. Don't give your life away for nothing because of your ignorance. It's a pity. Today, Xiaobian is going to tell you how to get on shore quickly. Please take a careful and serious look at it. Maybe you will meet this situation.

When you suddenly encounter leg cramps when swimming by the river, shout loudly to let the people around you hear their help. If there is no one, look around for any suspended substance to hold it and slowly swim back to the shore. When there is a vortex, you should swim back to the shore quickly. Don't think that the vortex is far away from me, it doesn't matter. It's a big mistake. It's very fast. When it comes to you, you leave late.

If there is no one around you, you'd better not go swimming alone and ask several people to accompany you. If there is an accident, someone can help you. If there is an accident, you should find the things you can help in time. Don't make fun of your life and don't take any chances. Everything can happen. Everyone's life is priceless. We should take good care of our bodies.

If an accident happens around you, don't rush. Don't panic. It's the most important time to test your adaptability. If you see anything that can help you, don't let hope slip away from you. Maybe it can save your life. There are many accidents in swimming. Getting ashore quickly is the way to get out of danger quickly. However, we still need friendship tips. Don't go swimming alone. Don't swim when you are not comfortable.