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What's the matter with didi online full orange system? What is the whole orange system for

Recently, Didi financial services launched a one-stop 'online car Hailing finance' service platform 'quanju' system. So what is the whole orange system? What is the function of the whole orange system? Didi was in a whirlpool of public opinion because of all kinds of negative news. Can this move save more consumers?

through the unique account management and big data risk control capabilities of didi financial services, the system can provide more efficient customized financial services for partners in the travel ecosystem. 'quanju' is connected with the car financial leasing company Fengbang, a number of financing parties, insurance companies and other partners to serve the car leasing company in the middle of the travel industry, greatly simplifying the financial service process for online car Hailing vehicles and drivers.

A rental company with 1000 cars in Chengdu is an early user of quanju financial service system. The person in charge of the company said, "the company needed eight people to share the daily collection, process processing and other risk control work. After being connected to & lsquo; quanju & quot;, the management efficiency has been greatly improved. It is expected that the number of vehicles will increase to 3000 in the future, and no more manpower will be needed. '

According to the introduction, behind the 'quanju' system is Didi's accumulated account, data and risk control capabilities. The external partner Fengbang and other companies are responsible for providing financial products and offline services for online car Hailing. The combination of the two can open up a new blue ocean for the scene of 'online car Hailing Finance', help Didi's travel compliance process, and reduce the supply side cost of transport capacity to a certain extent.

On January 2 this year, Didi financial services was launched on the end of didi travel products, covering insurance, financial management, payment and other products suitable for passengers and drivers. According to previous news reports, Didi financial service was established to provide safe and reliable financing, insurance, payment, financial management and other diversified services for drivers, passengers, partners and other travel ecological participants in didi travel system. Relying on the travel ecology and strengthening the ability of data risk control, it aims to make financial technology benefit more users.

The online 'quanju' system is a platform for didi financial services to provide one-stop financial services for travel ecological partners, and cooperate with all parties in the industrial chain to serve the new scene of car Hailing finance. One end is connected with the financial service provider serving the travel scenario, and the other end is connected with the industry partners mainly leasing companies, so as to improve the matching and management efficiency of funds and automobile assets.

At present, there are more than 550 million people serving on didi travel platform, and more than 30 million drivers and car owners have the opportunity to earn flexible income on the platform. With the development of online car Hailing compliance business, automobile, as a necessary tool for the supply side, will generate huge demand for financial services.

Analysts said that at present, the auto finance industry with the attribute of 'consumption' has become the Red Sea market, while the 'online car Hailing finance' service with the attribute of 'means of production' based on Didi's travel scenario has unique opportunities.

First, with the help of massive data and intelligent marketing means of didi travel platform, it has obvious advantages in the cost and efficiency of obtaining accurate users, thus providing greater business space for the expansion and innovation of online car Hailing financial products.

Second, Didi financial's continuous construction of account system and big data risk control system can output comprehensive risk prevention and control capabilities covering pre loan, in loan and post loan, such as pre loan application, behavior modeling, real-time follow-up and early warning of in loan operation data, post loan management support and other full-service weekly risk management. Especially in the loan part, it has unique management advantages. The 'quanju' system can help the fund to judge the risk through the operation status of vehicles on the platform.

Third, the online car Hailing financial model can serve the "blue ocean" scenario of new energy vehicles. The online car Hailing business has the ability to deal with the recovery and re operation of new energy vehicles, avoiding the sensitive problem of residual value of new energy vehicles.

The person in charge of didi financial services said that the 'quanju' system is expected to serve 1500 rental companies in 2019, indirectly leveraging the daily supply of millions of online car Hailing orders. In the future, the quanju system will be connected to a number of investors and insurance companies to improve services.