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What does it mean to be only suitable for marriage? What do you mean girls are only suitable for mar

Recently, my colleague Xiao Xia was given a good man card when she was chasing a girl. The other side said, you are not suitable for love, suitable for marriage, is suitable for marriage is also a kind of wrong?

This card is not ordinary 'you're good, but we don't fit. 'in this case, it's' you're not suitable for love, but you're suitable for marriage. 'little Shana is bored. What does that mean. Don't you love and get married directly? Or is it a kind of saying that girls refuse themselves?

In fact, Xiaoxia's conditions are very good. He is very energetic, easygoing, and is not picky about people. His family conditions are well-off, and his education is very good. He is a doctor of science and engineering. Normally, it's not that you don't please girls, but Xiao Xia said that not only the girls you like, but also the ordinary female friends would tell you that you are suitable for marriage but not for love. Xiaoxia is deeply puzzled by this sentence. Hami believes that many fans have met the girl who said this sentence to herself. Today, Hami will analyze from the perspective of women, what does this sentence mean for girls.

If your female friends evaluate you in this way, it shows that you are a more serious and reliable friend in the eyes of female friends. May not be able to say love words, people are also very gentlemanly and polite. But your actions and thoughts will show that you are more responsible. If there's anything you promise to do, it's almost impossible. It can be said that you have a lot of traditional advantages of Chinese men. It's obviously a compliment for female friends to make this evaluation on you. Then, suggest that you don't have to be in love. Through the understanding of you, you will give yourself a lot of pressure in the early stage of love. This kind of pressure is basically that I want to give her the best, I have to make her satisfied with me, and then I am willing to marry with me. It's good to have this kind of pressure, but your 'good husband' constitution will force you to be careful in everything unnaturally. Like walking on thin ice, under this kind of psychological effect, love becomes not so happy and romantic. May also be with anxiety, at least in their hearts more become a responsibility and mission, so that female friends see your thoughts, judge your future love role and mentality. So there is such a seemingly contradictory evaluation.

If this comes from a situation like Xiao Xia's, it can be regarded as a kind of high-level good man card. In general, the girl who uses this to end a man's pursuit is: you are very nice, but you are too lack of sentiment. Girls want to love more is two people together can be relaxed and happy, romantic can not be much, but can not be without sentiment. If she knows that you are prone to pressure for the future, then this kind of feeling is not a kind of pressure for her. It's just like a kind girl who refuses a man who doesn't love each other enough but loves herself deeply. If she continues and can't love each other deeply, she will feel deeply guilty and remorse for it.

So this kind of people who are not suitable for love but suitable for marriage should not have the right to love? Of course not! You have strong self-control and sense of responsibility, which is a man's biggest advantage. If you change yourself because of her evaluation, you put the cart before the horse. People are attractive because they are different. It's important to keep yourself. Secondly, we should change our attitude towards love. It's true that there are many hooligans who don't take marriage as the purpose. But I think that the love that brings pressure to me by marriage will suffer more than happiness. What you have to do is to let it go when you are in love. Deliberately to think about the future, but easy to lose the future, water to canal is the most natural love process~