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How to increase the amount of Alipay ant flowers? What are the ways to increase the amount of money

Since we are used to mobile phone payment, we have been using Alipay most of the time when shopping and paying online. But since Alipay has launched the flower, it has been widely praised by users. Not only can it save fees, it can also be paid by installments, but some people spend a lot of money on them. How can we increase the quota of flowers? What are the ways to improve the quota of flowers?

Today, I'd like to introduce several ways to effectively improve Huabei's credit line

First, improve sesame credit score

Sesame credit score is a very important credit score in Alipay system. Generally speaking, the higher the credit score of sesame, the higher the credit in Alipay system. As a part of Alipay system, the amount of flowers will be higher.

Therefore, if you want to improve Huabei's permanent credit line, you'd better improve Zhima's credit score first.

If we want to improve sesame credit score, we can improve sesame credit score by improving personal information, such as vehicle and real estate information, provident fund information, or diversified offline payment.

Second, we should use it as much as possible

Just now we said that Hua Bai and credit card are very similar, they are all for the convenience of our consumption and use, whether Alipay or banks are also very much hope that we can use these functions more.

So if we open Huabei, it's better to use Huabei as much as possible. If we use up the quota of Huabei every month, the system will judge that your quota is not enough, and then there is a great possibility that your quota will be increased in the quota adjustment once a month.

In addition, the common consumption ways of Huabei include Taobao shopping, life payment, etc. you can increase your Huabei quota by using more every month.

Third, prepayment

The normal rule of Huabei is to repay on the 10th of next month after consumption this month. If we can repay in advance, the system will judge that we have the ability to spend more money, so the amount of Huabei will continue to rise.

Fourth, to increase total assets, the higher the Alipay assets, the higher the quota.

The determination of the credit limit largely depends on the amount of your assets. In the credit card audit, we call it solvency. And in the flower, the decision is very simple. As long as the more money you have in Alipay, you will naturally be able to judge the higher your ability to repay, the higher the amount will be spent.

To sum up, we can use these four methods to improve the quality of Huabai. Of course, it's better to use several methods at the same time, so your quota will be greatly improved.

Xiaobian's spending quota has reached 11000. What about yours?