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How can wechat turn off video chat? Wechat stop video chat step plan

Wechat is a way of life, it can voice chat, publish pictures and dynamic information, now we use wechat is basically the case of using WiFi, so the traffic is not much cost, video chat can reduce the call cost and have a sense of reality. So how can wechat turn off the video chat function? Wechat stop video chat step plan, a brief understanding.

First, open wechat, log in wechat to personal status, and click settings;

Click set to enter the general function option;

After entering the function, we can see various functions and services in wechat, and even the settings of the circle of friends. Here we choose video chat;

Click video chat, video chat has been enabled by default when it was launched, so we can click disable below to disable this function.

Click "disable" to confirm that the function is not enabled and can be enabled again.

Finally, we try to turn off the video call function after what is the situation, send a chat video to a small partner, at this time can not be connected. The following situation is that the other party has not turned it on. If the other party has not turned it on, it will be prompted that the function has not been enabled and can be used after it is turned on.