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How to get the driver's license of online car Hailing? What are the conditions for online car Hailin

Since the implementation of the new policy of online car hailing, drivers of relevant online car Hailing platforms are required to have the qualification certificate of online car Hailing driver. However, most drivers don't know how to get the driver's license of online car Hailing? What are the conditions for online car Hailing driver's license? This problem is what many drivers want to know.

However, the driver's qualification certificate is different from local to city, and rules are different in different places. For example, some big cities must ask for local registered residence, local driving license, and men's words, they should be under 60 years of age and have more than three years driving experience. Women must be under 50 years old, and no criminal record, drug taking, and drunk driving records, etc., and there are still some provisions. It's about the number of violation records. Every place is different.

Then let's take a look at how to get the driving license of online car Hailing!

If you want to get this certificate, you must register through the network, register in your local taxi service management system, and then register, and then take the exam. As for how to take the exam, you still have to query the taxi service management system in your area, and then look at the process from above. You can search directly from Baidu once.

And test this is equivalent to a new test driver's license, but the test content is also more, detailed or to go to their own understanding.

I don't want to be specific. It's said in a long speech that you can find some of your regions through Baidu, for example: Beijing taxi service management system, you just need to change Beijing into your city to search.