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Can I apply for Japanese tourist visa online? How to apply for Japanese visa online

According to the latest news, Japan's foreign ministry has decided to open online visa application service for tourists to Japan from next month, and China will be the first country to open online visa service. So how can I apply online?

The first one to be opened this time is the single visit visa for Chinese tourists. From next month, you can apply for the visa online directly. At that time, Beijing's embassy in Japan will be the first to accept the service, and other regions will open the service one after another. This is the first time in the history of Japan that the visa is accepted online. The reason why this service was first implemented in China shows the importance of Chinese tourists to Japan.

Japan's TBS TV station reported on the 6th that the number of foreign tourists traveling to Japan has soared, and the number of tourist visa applications in Japan has also increased sharply. In the past year alone, more than 7 million visa applications have been processed. In order to improve the efficiency of visa business, Japan's foreign ministry decided to implement online visa business for the first time in China from next month.

From May, the Japanese Embassy in Beijing began to accept tourists to apply for a single visa to Japan online, and will expand the business scope to all Chinese embassies and consulates after April next year, the report said. It is the first time in the world to apply for Japanese visa online.

In addition, with the development of online visa business, the Ministry of foreign affairs will abolish paper visa from April 2020 and switch to "e-visa" based on cloud data management.