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Is it a mistake for a man to be too handsome and dislike his superior?

What's wrong with being too handsome? According to research, men who are too handsome are hated by their superiors of the same sex. Is this the so-called same-sex exclusion? Perhaps for the opposite sex, is it easy to improve work efficiency to have a handsome boss of the opposite sex?

A new study by American and British universities has found that handsome people are threatening to bosses, the world daily reported. In other words, handsome boys are more likely to be hated by male superiors in the workplace!

In a four person office independent experiment, it was found that when male employers employ men, they will be negatively affected by the attractiveness and work style of the interviewers, the report said. In other words, if male employers find that the employed men are better than themselves, especially the handsome ones, they will be more wary and defensive.

It's not wrong to be handsome, but it can cause problems in the workplace. A study conducted by the school of management, University of London, UK, and the University of Maryland, USA, points out that good-looking boys are more likely to be unpopular in the eyes of male superiors and colleagues, because they are easy to be seen as a 'threat', so it is more difficult to be appreciated and promoted in their jobs.

However, women who are more beautiful will not be affected by such negative effects. Research shows that all bosses are vulnerable to stereotype. When choosing a promotion or pay rise, they will consider whether the person can help themselves, rather than threaten themselves, so they will find the best person. Of course, appearance is also one of the key considerations.

But handsome men are not necessarily disliked in the workplace. If you can make good use of your charm and affinity, others will be more willing to help you solve problems.