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Are kiwifruit and kiwifruit the same fruit? The difference between kiwifruit and kiwifruit

Many people will find that kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit look very similar, taste very similar, but the price is different. Many people will question whether kiwi fruit is the same as Kiwi fruit, and what is the difference between kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit?

Are kiwifruit and kiwifruit the same fruit

In fact, kiwifruit and kiwifruit belong to the kiwifruit family and belong to the same kind of fruit. The different names are mainly due to the different places of origin. Kiwifruit is produced in China. Kiwifruit mainly refers to kiwifruit imported from New Zealand. Its name comes from the Chinese translation of kiwi, the national bird of New Zealand. Because kiwifruit is an imported fruit, the price of kiwifruit is higher than that of domestic kiwifruit. In addition, due to the climate, soil and other factors, the two taste slightly different. But in fact, the nutritional value of the two is similar.

The difference between kiwifruit and kiwifruit

1. The appearance and color of kiwifruit and kiwifruit are very similar. The hair distribution on the surface of kiwifruit is very uniform, and even there are kiwifruit without hair. And kiwifruit feels smooth and comfortable. Kiwifruit and uneven distribution of villi, feel rough.

2. In addition, kiwifruit kiwifruit eating time is also different, kiwifruit to be cooked in the case of delicious, sweet and sour, it is best to put it in the apple pile for a few days. Kiwifruit can be different, it is hard in the case of eating more sweet.

How to peel kiwi fruit

1. First, remove the head and tail of the kiwi fruit with a knife, and then dig out the flesh with a spoon along the gap between the skin and the flesh;

2. You can also cut the kiwi fruit in half, put half of the flesh up, and then use a knife to dig along the skin, so that you can dig out half of the whole flesh.