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King glory S15 rank inheritance table S15 season rank inheritance rules

After the end of each season, when the new season starts, the king glory will inherit the last season's Duan, but basically every season will have a relatively big change in Duan inheritance. What is the change of S15 season's Duan inheritance? Xiaobian will take you to understand the Duan inheritance rules.

King glory S14 season ends in mid April (after the end of the start of the S15 season), the rules of rank inheritance are very concerned about the players, because it not only affects the starting point of next season's qualifying, the most important thing is whether they can directly receive season awards. What are the rules of succession in the S15 season?

Rule of inheritance

There is no big change in the inheritance rules of the S14 season and the S15 season. We only need to pay attention to these points. If it is the golden four, after the new season is updated, it will still be the golden four. And platinum four players, will fall to gold one, and then diamond four or more players, drop segment is more obvious.