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What tribute does Tomb Sweeping day bring? Can you eat the sacrifice for your relatives

Tomb Sweeping Day is the most important traditional festival in China. The traditional custom is to sweep tombs. What's the best time to sweep tombs on Tomb Sweeping Day? What's the purpose of sweeping tombs on Tomb Sweeping Day? Let's have a look!

What's the best time for Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day

Choose according to your own time.

There is no strict requirement for Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day. You can go at the right time. However, considering the weather, it's best to go on a sunny morning. At this time, the sun is not very strong. It won't feel very hot when you go to the Tomb Sweeping Day, and the travel won't be very congested. Moreover, it can penetrate the idea that Chinese people should be early rather than late.

What is tomb sweeping for on Tomb Sweeping Day

We should remember the dead and inherit the traditional culture.

Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day originated from ancient times, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day is not only the inheritance of Chinese national spirit and culture, but also an embodiment of filial piety of the younger generation. It is an expression of being cautious in pursuing the future and showing filial piety to our ancestors. It is an activity by which people express their gratitude and the love of their blood.

What do you bring for Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day

Seasonal fruits, snacks, drinks, dried fruits, vegetarians, etc.

As for the offerings for Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day, try to choose the food that the deceased liked to eat or the most popular food in this season to show their heart. The ancestors did not eat the offerings for Tomb Sweeping Day. They only put these foods to show filial piety and respect. If there is no food, they can use flowers to replace the offerings.

Can you eat the sacrifice for your relatives

After the sacrifice, the sacrifice is edible.

Sacrifice is the food in life, because in the process of sacrifice, people supply it to the dead, that is, the food enjoyed by the 'gods'. If they continue to eat it, it has the meaning of protection. In it, the meaning is more auspicious, but this situation is only limited to that the sacrifice is made by themselves. If you buy the sacrifice outside, you should not eat it to avoid eating a mouthful of food additives. What are the taboos of tomb sweeping and memorial service on Tomb Sweeping Day

1. Don't wear red and purple

In order to respect the dead, grave sweepers should dress solemnly. Generally speaking, when sweeping tombs, you should wear dark clothes. It's better not to wear red and purple. Besides, you should dress neatly and look solemn and solemn.

2. Avoid playing, scolding and criticizing ancestors

In order to relax their mood, individual people play hip-hop with each other when they are sweeping tombs, which is not only disrespectful to the deceased, but also leads to criticism. Passing by other people's cemeteries, commenting on the deceased is a blasphemous act, which will cause trouble.

3. Pregnant women had better not go to the grave

Most of the cemeteries were built on high ground, and the tomb sweepers were crowded during the Qingming Festival. Secondly, when sweeping tombs, many people burn money paper and set off firecrackers, making the surrounding air not very good, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant women should avoid participating in tomb sweeping.

4. Don't take pictures in the cemetery

Today's young people take photos all the way, but it's better not to take photos when sweeping tombs, whether it's a group photo of the grave sweeper or a group photo of the grave sweeper and the graveyard, which may attract other people's disgust and criticism. When sweeping the graves of relatives, they should be attentive, not looking around, especially not taking photos in the cemeteries. What are the taboos of tomb sweeping and memorial service on Tomb Sweeping Day

5. Tomb sweeping time

As long as it's during the Qingming Festival, it's better to finish it before 3pm.

6. Avoid visiting friends and relatives

It's better not to visit relatives and friends on Tomb Sweeping Day, but the next day.

7. Pay attention to the place when traveling

It's better not to go to other people's mountain for outing. Don't say bad luck. Be careful in your words and deeds at night.

8. Relatives and friends have knowledge in Tomb Sweeping

It is said that three years before her husband died, her wife could not go to the grave. It's best to avoid situations such as a girlfriend accompanying her boyfriend to the grave, subordinates accompanying her boss to the grave, or even accompanying clients to the grave.

9. Come back from tomb sweeping and wash clothes

When you come back from tomb sweeping, you must clean your shoes, put the tips of your shoes in, and don't forget to wash and dry your clothes.