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How to register wechat with mobile phone number now? How about the process of registering wechat acc

Now many account applications require the real name system, and the mobile phone has implemented the real name system, so many accounts need to use the mobile phone to quickly register, so now how to register the mobile phone number with wechat? How about the process of registering wechat account? Today, I'd like to share with you.

Methods / steps:

First, input wechat to search through mobile app or app treasure, and then click 'install' to download and install automatically.

After the installation, click to open the wechat software. There is a 'Login' and 'registration' entrance. Click Register to register on wechat.

After clicking Register, enter the nickname, country / region, mobile number and password. At this time, the input mobile phone number is used to register the micro signal. After input, click 'register'

After entering the mobile phone number and other information and clicking Register, the wechat privacy protection guide will pop up. Take a closer look at the contents and terms, and then click 'agree'.

Click 'agree' and 'security verification' will appear. Click start and you will be asked to drag the slider to complete the puzzle. After the puzzle is successful, it will be displayed and automatically go to the next step.

After the puzzle is completed, click 'send SMS' as required. After sending SMS, return to this interface and click' sent SMS, next '. Then you will start to verify your information, and after the verification, you will automatically log in to wechat. In this way, wechat registration is successful.