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How can green crabs survive? Can green crabs be eaten after they die

Green crab is a delicious crab, distributed in coastal areas. So how can green crabs survive? Can green crabs eat when they die? To solve these problems, let's take a look with Xiaobian!

How can green crabs survive? Can green crabs eat when they die

After the crab is bought, raise it in light salt water for about 5 minutes.

Put it in a cool and humid place, which must be able to ventilate, such as the bathroom. Or at the bottom of the bucket put about 3 cm of light salt water can, water does not fill the crab's mouth, it is best to change the water every two days.

In the most suitable temperature and water environment, it can survive for 5-10 days, generally 3-5 days. Remember not to put the crabs in the refrigerator, or they will die quickly. They can't be raised in fresh water, and they will die soon.

Can green crabs be eaten after they die

Can't eat

Green crabs are rich in nutrients and delicious, but if they die, they will produce substances that are not conducive to health. Therefore, when you buy green crabs, you must pay attention to the choice, or after you buy them, don't put them for too long and cook them in time.

The reason why you can't eat it is that when the green crab is dying or dead, the histamine will be produced by the decomposition of histic acid in the crab. Histamine is a kind of toxic substance. With the prolongation of the death time, more and more histamine is accumulated in the crab body, and the poison gas is more and more large. Even if the crab is cooked, the toxin is not easy to be destroyed. And excessive ammonia nitrogen must be discharged from the kidney, so eating dead crab is very harmful to the kidney. People who eat dead crabs may have vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. Even the half dead 'leg crabs' are not suitable for eating.

The value of green crab

Green crab is one of the most precious aquatic products in China. Its meat taste is delicious and unique, rich in nutrition, known as the feast of delicacies, high edible and medicinal value, especially after mating gonadal mature female crab (red crab, high crab) has the reputation of ginseng in the sea, is maternal, young and old and frail senior tonic, crab shell can be made into chitin, is a wide range of industrial raw materials. In China, green crabs are mainly distributed in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan and Zhejiang, especially in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. Ninghai green crabs and Sanmen green crabs in Zhejiang Province are the most famous in China. Sanmen green crabs cost about 60-90 yuan per catty. Yanpu green crabs generally cost more than 80 yuan, and Spring Festival prices are about 110-140 yuan per catty Many of them take it as a gift, especially in the wild. There is a big difference between artificial culture and wild culture. In addition, the culture can be divided into feed culture and fresh fish feed. The dried fish and shrimp feed processed by fish and shrimp powder culture is cheap, but the taste of cultured green crab is not as delicious as that fed by fresh fish feed. The fish and crab feed is expensive, but the fresh fish and shrimp are used, which is safe for cultivation. Sanmen is known as the hometown of green crabs. By far the most famous. It is mainly distributed in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, the United States, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and South Africa.