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What does NPC spirit mean? The source of NPC spirit

On the Internet, there are often some new problems that we don't understand very well. If we don't explore the meaning carefully, we may misunderstand the meaning of others. So what does the recently popular NPC spirit mean? The source and source of NPC.

What does NPC spirit mean

NPC spirit, which appears on the Internet, generally refers to the situation of only talking to the people who take the initiative to speak with themselves, and is often accompanied by the phenomenon that once the dialogue is opened, it is difficult to stop until you finish what you want to say. To put it simply, you will not take the initiative to talk to others in your daily life, unless it is necessary for the task. Many netizens' attitude towards life is the same as that of NPC. As long as no one comes to talk to them, they usually keep silent and belong to passive personality. But this kind of character actually has many advantages, such as NPC will guide players to a lot of Task Tips, commodity purchase, play and other system level help.

What is the source of NPC spirit

NPC is a kind of character type, which is the abbreviation of non player character. It generally refers to 'non player character', which refers to the game characters that are not manipulated by players in the game. This concept originated from stand-alone game at first, and later it is gradually applied to other game fields. NPC usually does not belong to the attachable object, or belongs to the attachable object but does not take the initiative to attack, but will counterattack after being attacked by the player, and then can't talk normally. Usually some NPCs drop props. Can provide some game information for players, or trigger the plot. When used to receive and hand in tasks, there will be exclamation marks or question marks on the head of NPC (common in online games).

Each game has several functions, from character creation to professional skills. These functions all need an intermediary to introduce or use to players.

In the traditional game, these functions are undertaken by the button, players can quickly click the button to achieve the purpose of using the function. But with the rapid development of the game industry, a single game map has been unable to meet the current players. So the game map began to develop from the earliest single map to now dozens of maps, even hundreds of maps. With the increase of map, some functions have been added one after another. A button in the main interface can no longer carry all map functions. So NPC was born.

NPC is not only a function, but also an important way for game designers to interact with players.