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How much do you get every month after 15 years of social security? How to pay social security pensio

How much do you get every month after 15 years of social security? How to pay social security pension all the time? According to, according to the relevant policies of the state, the insured of endowment insurance must reach the retirement age and pay social security for more than 15 years before they can receive the basic endowment insurance monthly. I hope it can help.

Social security can be stopped after 15 years. Here, I need to remind you that in general, the longer the social security payment time is, the more the payment is, the more pension you will receive after retirement in the future.

According to the relevant national policy requirements, those who do not reach the national legal retirement age can participate in the basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees. However, those who have reached the retirement age and paid less than 15 years can not receive the basic pension by month. If the payment is interrupted in the middle of the basic endowment insurance for some reason, the supplementary payment can not be made during the interruption period, and the payment can be continued in the future. The insurance premium paid before the interruption of payment will not be invalid, and the social security institution has sealed it up. The pension insurance premium paid before and after the interruption of payment can be calculated together.

For how much to take every month after 15 years of social security, the calculation formula of pension after 15 years of social security is: monthly pension = basic pension + individual account pension.

1. Basic pension = the average monthly salary of local employees in the previous year at the time of retirement & times; 20%,

2. Personal account pension = personal account deposit & divide; 120

If there is a unit, even if it has paid for 15 years, but the employee has not retired, the enterprise still has to continue to pay until retirement; if an individual pays social security, he can stop paying or continue to pay. According to the local policy, he must continue to pay well. The old-age insurance follows the principle of "pay more, pay more". The higher the payment base and the longer the service life, the more pension he will receive when he retires. Once the payment is stopped, it will directly affect the pension benefits after retirement.

If you pay social security all the time, how about pension?

When the cumulative contribution period is 15 years, if you retire at the age of 65, you can receive a pension for about 20 years (provided you live to 85). According to this calculation, the length of pension can be 20 & times; 12 months = 240 months.

Suppose that after 2007, the average annual salary of XX is 50000 yuan, that person will pay 4000 yuan annually and 60000 yuan in 15 years.

Personal account pension = personal account savings & divide; months of calculation and payment (195 months for 50 years old, 170 months for 55 years old, 139 months for 60 years old, unified 120 months for 60 years old and above). When XX retires at 60 years old, he / she will receive 60000 & divide; 139 = 462 yuan in that month.

That is, in 2022, XX will retire and receive a monthly pension of 2037 + 462 = 2499 yuan.

The above is the introduction of how much you can get every month after 15 years of social security payment. I hope it can be helpful. Warm tips: once the payment of social security is cut off, it will affect the amount of pension, so it needs to be cautious. Renren insurance has made no mistakes in the past 17 years. It is your best choice. If you want to know more about this, you can call the toll free hotline: 400-862-0588.