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What are the conditions of food hygiene license? What are the requirements for application and proce

It's said that catering is the best industry to do. After all, we can't do without eating every day. What are the conditions for food hygiene license in catering? What are the requirements for application and processing? Let's have a look.

the application materials for Chengdu food business license are very important

1. Chengdu food business license application

2. Chengdu Business License

3. One original and one copy of the identity certificate of the legal representative, person in charge and handling person

4. Relevant systems to ensure food safety in Chengdu

5. Letter of commitment for legal use of business premises, including lease contract and site plan

6. For on-site inspection, it is necessary to submit "on site acceptance inspection opinions"

7. List of business equipment and tools suitable for Chengdu food business

8. Special industries: homemade wine (provide the inspection report on the safety of finished products issued by the third party); sell cooked food and homemade wine, submit the cooperation agreement (contract) with the linked production unit, and submit the copy of Chengdu food production license of the production unit

9. Other information

Application and processing requirements:

1. The application shall be signed and sealed. When a newly established food business enterprise applies for a license, the investor of the enterprise shall be the applicant; when an enterprise with subject qualification applies for a food business license, the enterprise shall be the applicant; when an individual business applies for a food business license, the investor shall be the applicant.

2. The materials submitted for applying for food business license shall be true, effective and in accordance with the legal form. The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the materials submitted.

Note: for food business operators who have obtained the food hygiene license, the original license shall continue to be valid during the period of validity. In case of voluntary application for license replacement, changes in the contents of the original license or expiration of the period of validity, the food business operators shall apply in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the administration of food business license, and obtain the food circulation license after being examined and approved by the examination and verification organ.