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What information does childbirth card need? How about the delivery card processing process

Married couples need to apply for a birth permit when they want to have children, pregnant women need to go to the hospital to establish a health care card when they are pregnant, and pregnant women need to apply for a birth card before childbirth. These certificates are all necessary, so what information do they need to apply for a birth card? How about the delivery card processing process? Let's have a look.

What information does childbirth card need?

You can do it in the township health center. Take the ID card of pregnant woman, household registration book, birth permit, combined treatment certificate, and one inch photo.

For most pregnant women, we can hear it from the elderly, the elderly, colleagues, friends and neighbors, and sometimes the family members will prepare for it. The more fully and carefully prepared, the more conducive to childbirth or maternal and child life. However, in addition to the so-called "hardware" preparations that have become the experience, the following "software" preparations should also be made:

1) When should I call the doctor;

2) How can doctors and nurses find them after work;

3) Call the doctor first or go to the hospital directly;

4) How far is home from the hospital;

5) What kind of transportation should I take to the hospital;

6) Whether there is someone guarding the pregnant women at all times;

7) How long does it take to get to the hospital from home in rush hour;

8) It's better to drill the distance and time to the hospital in advance;

9) Find an alternative road, so that when the first road is blocked, there will be another road to choose from and get to the hospital as soon as possible;

10) Whether to arrange things at home, ask people to help take care of children, pets and housework;

11) Whether the work is well arranged, you should let your boss and colleagues know your due date.

Signs before delivery:

1. Abdominal relief: 1-2 weeks before parturition, as the fetus first shows its head and descends into the pelvis, the bottom of the uterus is lowered, the upper abdomen often feels more comfortable, breathing faster and eating more. However, due to the first exposure of the head down compression pelvic bladder, rectum and other tissues, often feel abdominal distension, frequent urination, waist acid, etc.

2. The false array shrinks. Pregnant women in 1-2 weeks before delivery, often have irregular uterine contraction, compared with postpartum uterine contraction has the following characteristics: short duration, intermittent time is long, and irregular, uterine contraction intensity does not increase, uterine contraction only causes slight pain and is limited to 3, abnormal fetal movement It will also decrease significantly. How many times of fetal movement is safe? At present, there is no final conclusion, because the number of fetal movement varies from person to person, and each mother's subjective feelings are also different.

Research shows that it takes an average of 2.7 hours a day to feel 10 fetal movements. Therefore, some experts suggest that as long as you feel 10 fetal movements within 2 hours, you can relax. Or a fixed period of time every day for 1 hour, if the number of fetal movements are within the average, you can rest assured. Conversely, if the number of fetal movements significantly increased or decreased by more than 50%, should seek medical examination as soon as possible.

4. Break the water. This is caused by rupture of the membranes surrounding the fetus and amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is colorless, clear, with a fishy liquid, will continue to flow out of the vagina involuntarily. Urine is clear, light brown, with Sao flavor of liquid, this is the difference between the two. If you find water break, you should see a doctor immediately. At this time, you will be recommended to be hospitalized for labor. Then according to the situation of uterine contraction to give appropriate treatment.