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How to clean the drum washing machine correctly? Cleaning process steps of drum washing machine

When it comes to washing machines, that's one of the household appliances. In particular, the drum washing machine, with water saving, high cleaning rate, less wear on clothes and small floor area, has become a must for owners, especially small house owners. But the drum washing machine with a long time, it is easy to hide dirt, so you need to clean it regularly, so how to clean the drum washing machine?

1、 Internal cleaning of drum

Due to the fact that the washing machine has been in the toilet with relatively sealed space and poor ventilation, the mold inside the washing machine will exceed the standard. According to the statistics of authoritative institutions at home and abroad, if the washing machine has not been cleaned for three years, the number of bacteria will reach more than 700000. So you should clean the inside of the roller regularly, which is responsible for the health of your family.

Materials to be prepared: 1 towel, 200ml white vinegar, 50g baking soda

1. First, prepare a clean towel and pour 200ml white vinegar on it.

2. Put the towel into the drum washing machine, and then turn on the drying mode, so that the white vinegar on the towel fills the bucket. After standing for a while, the dirt inside the drum will be dissolved by the white vinegar.

3. Then add 50g baking soda into the drum, turn on the washing mode, adjust the water level to the highest level, fill the washing machine with water, let the washing machine run normally for 5 minutes, and then soak for two hours.

4. Finally, turn on the rinsing mode to rinse twice, so that the dirt in the drum of the washing machine is removed.

Of course, for those drum washing machines that haven't been cleaned for more than two years, it's better to ask professional personnel to disinfect and clean them at the door. The charge for cleaning them at the door is about 150. Remember, you must ask the brand to clean them at the door after sales. Although the advertisements for cowhide moss at the door look cheap, there are many holes. You can also choose the sterilized washing machine directly when you buy the washing machine, once and for all.

2、 Washing box cleaning of drum washing machine

Everyone who uses the drum washing machine at home knows that when washing clothes, the detergent is poured into the washing box, and then turn on the washing machine, the water will flush the detergent into the bucket. In the long run, the washing powder box will be covered with yellow dirt, and the cleaning method of the washing box is very simple.

Materials to prepare: baking soda or white vinegar, cleaning balls

1. Take the washing box off the washing machine and put it in the basin.

2. Pour hot water into the basin, add 20g baking soda or 100ml white vinegar, and soak all night.

3. Put the washing box into clean water and clean it again with a cleaning ball. After drying, it can be re installed on the drum washing machine.

It is recommended that the washing work of the drum washing machine should be carried out once every six months, and professional after-sales service can be invited to clean and disinfect the clothes every two years. In addition, hand washing is recommended for some close fitting clothes. Don't relax your vigilance against the bacteria in the washing machine just because the drum washing machine is clean. Once you suffer from gynecological diseases, it's too late to regret