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How to deal with QQ game that is too slow to enter

Many friends like to play the game of fighting landlords on the Internet in their spare time, and the most common one is QQ fighting landlords in QQ games. Sometimes they encounter updates and find that QQ games can't enter after restarting. It's really disappointing! What should we do in the face of such a problem? Don't rush to make up a few moves for you.

If there is no response after clicking the QQ game icon, you can click the computer's' control panel ', find the' management tools' column, click 'services', find' DCOM server process launcher 'in the list on the right, and confirm that its status is' enabled'. When it is not enabled, you need to launch the application by yourself. At this time, you only need to right-click and select enable in the pop-up dialog box.

Another very simple and crude method is to completely uninstall the previous QQ game, and then reinstall the QQ game. If you can enter the QQ game interface after reinstallation, click "advanced settings" in the QQ game login window, and cancel the "use agent" option, you can easily enter the QQ game interface next time.

The best way is to press the 'Win + R' key combination to call out 'run', enter 'CMD' and press enter, then a DOS window will pop up, enter 'Netsh Winsock reset' in the DOS window, press enter to execute, and then restart the computer to try, which can solve the problem that QQ game cannot enter. This method is applicable to the situation that neither of the first two methods is applicable. Because of the fear of program error, I hope you don't use this method until you have to.

Well, the above is a few ways to teach QQ game introduced by Xiaobian. I hope that the friends who have read this article can get something. If you like this article, don't forget to like it. Your support is the biggest motivation of Xiaobian.