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When will wechat be deleted? Why don't you like to delete friends

Although WeChat releases new features every time the new version is released, it is being ignored by users every time make complaints about it. Among the functions that users most want to add, the most popular one is to delete friends in both directions. When will wechat be deleted? Why don't you like to delete friends? Let's have a look.

Why don't you like to delete friends?

In short, it's because 'he hates me, but I don't know he hates me'. However, it can not be denied that single deletion also has certain advantages: it is convenient for deleted people to send friend requests again, and deleted people can still save chat records.

It has been said that wechat will add the function of two-way deleting friends. If it comes true, these people will faint in the toilet

1. Spare tires

Although the goddess deleted, but every day to see her head and had a chat record is also very good, don't destroy my last thought.

2. Lovers

It happens that couples delete each other's wechat from time to time. Finally, because the single deletion function of wechat is added back to each other, if wechat realizes the two-way deletion of friends, I don't know how many couples in the world will be broken up.

3. Wechat

If wechat implements the two-way friend deletion function, many wechat businesses should be hit hard, you know.


The two-way deletion of wechat will also result in the simultaneous deletion of wechat chat records of both sides. Those who owe money and do not pay it back can destroy the evidence of borrowing money as long as the creditor is deleted? After wechat is afraid to borrow money!

Some people think that if wechat realizes two-way deletion of friends, what is the difference between wechat and QQ? What's your opinion?