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How do I get tiktok? Tiktok: what steps do you need to get the shake?

Tiktok tiktok is now used by many people, tiktok is also seen. But many people can't get red packets. They are curious about how to get the red voice. What steps to get tiktok red packets? Let's have a look.

Methods / steps:

How to get a red envelope?

1, tiktok app, choose a tiktok with red packets. Generally, the video with prompt will appear in the video. Please wait patiently.

2, click on the attention of the first person who releases the voice, that is, the red cross under the tiktok. When it hits, it will disappear.

3. And then like this video, the right little heart turns red is like success.

4. Then click on the publisher's Avatar to enter its home page and browse other videos of the publisher at will.

5. Then go back to this video and click collect on the red envelope.

6. Then you can get the red envelope.

7. The red envelope can be checked in the wallet or withdrawn.