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What is the real ending of the movie Suyuan? How about Suyuan's movie prototype

South Korean film "Suyuan" is a film adapted from real events. However, there are still differences between reality and film. The ending in the film is not the same as that in reality. What is the real ending of Suyuan? How is Suyuan's real event now?

What is the real ending of the movie Suyuan

In the movie, the prisoner is punished by law and sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment. At last, he talks with Suyuan's family in prison and wants to be private. However, Suyuan's family doesn't agree. The criminal threatens that I will come out more than ten years later. I'm afraid that the real result is that the criminal will be released soon after his 12 years' imprisonment, and the police guess that he is very promising Can commit a crime again.

Although there has been rumor that Suyuan's prototype has committed suicide, it has been reported that the real life of Suyuan has been restored to health after years of treatment, but the people still are very angry with the suspect who raped the girl. So the Korean people finally petitioned Chong Wa Dae to get the criminal out of prison, because the prisoner convicted of prison was only sentenced to twelve Dutch act. This year, people are not convinced.

A girl's spring ended like this, this girl is Su Yuan, a kind and beautiful little girl. On that rainy morning, Suyuan went to school alone with an umbrella. Close to the school, she encountered an obscene looking and drunken uncle, which started her tragic journey. Tender flowers were mercilessly destroyed by the storm, injured not only branches and leaves, but also the heart growing up in the sunshine. The unscrupulous media played up all over the place. As a victim, Suyuan's family seemed to be a disgrace of filth, surrounded by strange and curious eyes. My mother was devastated and nearly broke down. Dad tried his best to protect his daughter, but the injured little angel left a psychological shadow. The road of asking the murderer is accompanied by the healing journey of the angel. Although the murderer is finally punished and sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment, Suyuan gradually opens her heart, but this does not give the sad story a little warmth, on the contrary, it is even more worrying, because Suyuan's pain is a lifelong one.

What's the matter with Suyuan

A netizen disclosed that Su Yuan, the heroine of the movie prototype, gradually recovered after years of psychological and physical treatment. Unfortunately, the criminal is about to be released soon, and the police speculate that he is likely to commit a crime again.

Recently, Zhao doushun, the criminal prototype in Su Yuan, ended his 12 year sentence and will be released from prison in 2020. However, according to South Korean media reports, although Zhao doushun has been receiving psychological treatment in prison over the years, he still fails to pass the psychological test, and the test results show that Zhao doushun may commit a crime again after he is released from prison. After he gets out of prison, he still has the possibility of committing a crime again, but according to the law, he can't be given additional punishment, so he can only be forced to release. After hearing this news, netizens say 'how can this kind of person be released','Why not give him additional punishment '.

According to the current law of South Korea, it is impossible to increase the sentence of Zhao doushun. At present, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea is discussing that Zhao doushun may be given additional psychological counseling courses, with a duration of 100 hours. For us, 12 years may be nothing. For criminals, 12 years may be food and drink for psychological treatment. But for victims, 12 years she lives in torment every day. Some people say that the prototype girl committed suicide at the age of 16, while others say that she is still alive. If she is still alive, she will only be 20 years old when the criminals come out in 2020. It takes the same age to know this I don't know if I will be afraid

The case actually broke out in 2005, but due to insufficient evidence, the criminals did not receive the corresponding punishment. At that time, the principal was not sentenced, but he later died of cancer. After that, just people were always collecting evidence, appealing and protesting, and they were defeated and defeated.

Due to the public opinion caused by the film in 2011, the emergence of some new evidence and the application of lie detection technology, the court later investigated the relevant personnel for their crimes and sentenced the criminals to 11-12 years according to law.

In the movie Su Yuan, many Douban netizens said that they couldn't understand the ending, while some powerful netizens analyzed it and said that Su Yuan was likely to commit suicide.

The ending of Suyuan

Suyuan enters her mother's bedroom, and her mother falls asleep next to her baby (indicating that the day is not the day to take her baby home). Suyuan smiles and lies next to her baby, teasing her younger brother and saying that it's true that you can be born. Many netizens speculate that this is Suyuan's last wish, because she thinks that her younger brother's birth adds a glimmer of hope to her family, and she can choose Enron leave.