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How to clean silk pajamas? How often do silk clothes wash

Silk clothes are very comfortable for people, especially in summer. But we all know that the dark Department will dye, so how to deal with the fading of silk clothes? The correct cleaning method of silk clothes.

How to deal with the fading of silk clothes:


There is a product on the market called active oxygen color clothes bleaching, which can make the clothes become the same color as before, that is, more bright. Many colors of clothes are suitable, and it's really convenient.

We first prepare some stock solution, then add some water, put our clothes in it, preferably the faded part, and then the color on the clothes will change to the same as before. If it's clothing dyeing, you can also use this, and the effect is really good. You can read the manual when you use it, because some clothes need to be soaked, and some don't take that long.

Prevention methods

It's common for dark clothes to fade. It's better to wash them by hand when cleaning them. Because the machine washing speed is too large, the clothes can't bear it, so we need to wash them by hand. You'd better use neutral detergent when washing silk clothes. It won't hurt your clothes so much. After washing with soap and washing powder, your clothes may harden. Besides, you should control the water temperature well. It's usually at 30 degrees. If the temperature is too high, your clothes will wrinkle.

How often do silk pajamas need to be cleaned

We wear pajamas every day, but in the evening, because we take a bath, we usually don't get very dirty. We can wash them once a week. This will also be good for health, some people mind, generally two or three days will wash once is also OK. If you don't wash it often, there will be a lot of sweat and bacteria on it. It's certainly not good to contact with the skin, so you should wash it diligently.

When cleaning, you should use warm water. It's better to use cold water instead of high temperature water, because the clothes will deform and wrinkle after washing. Ironing with an ironing machine may not save you. Silk pajamas can be dried in some sunshine, because it can kill bacteria. Some clothes close to the body should be exposed to the sun. In this way, it is good for health to remove bacteria and mites.

How to choose silk pajamas:

1. Silk pajamas wear clothes on the body, should choose some color looks more elegant, so fresh and natural some sleep will be better. Some dark clothes look more depressing, so it is not recommended that the color is too dark.

2. If you want to choose silk pajamas, you should choose those that feel very comfortable and have texture, so as to absorb moisture and heat, and sleep comfortably. Some materials are good, which can also ensure our skin health.