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All very good. What's the ending? Su Mingzhi apologizes to Mingyu

The TV series "all very good" has ushered in the grand finale in the hot discussion among netizens. All the grudges are gone. Have you forgiven Su Ming? What will happen to the three brothers and sisters of the Su family in the end? Let's have a look.

last night, the plot of "everything is fine" announced that Mingcheng was going to work in Africa. Before he left, he wrote an apology letter to Mingyu: "I always bully you, I especially want to solemnly apologize to you. I'm sorry!" finally, at this moment, Su Mingcheng wanted to be Mingyu's good brother, recover Zhu Li and be her husband. Even if he had Su Daqiang's father, he had to work hard to be a good son & hellip; & hellip; ​

All the gratitude and resentment are gone. Have you forgiven Su Ming? How can su Daqiang suddenly divide his family property?

From Su Ming's fighting with Mingyu, to Su Ming Cheng's threatening Su Daqiang with a knife to stop being cheated, and finally Su Ming Cheng apologizes to Mingyu, it really depends on crying. The second brother's journey is also very hard. At first, he is the most annoying person in the play, but now he is the most distressing person. He feels that Su Ming has come true.

Now that Su Ming has become a better development, he decides to go to Africa. Before leaving, he says goodbye to Julie and says that he wants to leave for two years. I don't know if Julie will wait for Su Mingcheng. After all, even if they divorce, they still have each other in their hearts.

Su Mingcheng then comes to Mingyu's downstairs and apologizes to Mingyu, saying that she bullied her sister from childhood. She's very sorry. Su Mingyu cried, and she tore up her second brother's confession. This time Mingyu is completely relieved. It's not easy.

Su Mingyu is one of those girls who lack love and care in their original families. Although they grow up independent, they are always emotionally flawed and easily moved by some details. It's instinctive to be tough and soft hearted.

No matter how independent she is in front of others, how eager she is after others. No matter what her relatives and lovers have done to her, as long as she is good at losing, she can remember and be happy all her life, and the gratitude and resentment of the past can be written off.

In fact, since the broadcast of Du Hao Hao, it has aroused a lot of resonance. The selfish Su Fu, the foolish and filial elder brother, and the second elder brother of the gnawing family all have their own characteristics. However, with the development of the plot, they all hope that the Su family's children will have their own destination and the ending will be satisfactory.