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What's the reason for Taoist fifteen dogs walking across the district? Jackie Chan's got another gam

What's the stem of Taoist fifteen dog walking across the district? In fact, this stem comes from a new game advertisement of Uncle Jackie Chan. However, the advertising words are too magical and attract many people's attention. In the past two years, how does Jackie Chan like to receive game advertisements so much?

What's the reason for Taoist fifteen dogs walking across the district

In the Legend game, Taoists can summon the beast as a fighting force when they upgrade to level 35. This beast looks like a dog, so they call it dog,

The Taoist 15 dogs walk across the whole area, which means that the Taoist can summon 15 beasts to walk across the whole area without opponents.


Hitherto unknown brother Chan tiktok has been unable to stop the legend of the 37 mobile games. The new version of the ship has made people feel the unprecedented IQ suppression.

Jackie Chan speaks for Legend

Taoist 15 dogs, the whole district walk horizontally, strong!

Killing monsters, dropping treasure, exploding God clothes, cool!

Master control is strong, frost second is full court, strong!

The output of soldiers is high, ten times of fire, the knife explodes, refreshing!

I'm Wang Baoqiang. I'm Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan: no matter how good the advertisement is, it's better to play in the service

Wang Baoqiang: it's really easy to play for three minutes

Jackie Chan: Classic legend, new version

Wang Baoqiang: let's play together. This game is so fun

Tiktok's endorsement will surely bring better results to legendary fans, but the daily advertising of the screen can only be seen as a nonsense and can not bear to see directly. The image of brother Chan is also becoming more and more popular among the people.