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Wang Sicong's quarrel with Hua qianfang: who is Hua qianfang

I didn't expect that there was a time for my husband to admit his advice. Hua Qianyu called on everyone not to study English hard. Sicong's husband forwarded his microblog and called him SD. They came and went like this. Sicong always used SD to scold Hua qianfang. Follow Xiaobian to sort out the whole story.

In a rage, Hua qianfang tweeted: "even punctuation marks, a total of 16 words, a word compensation for Hua qianfang 10 million.". Please show your sincerity in apologizing. Later, Netizens found that Wang Sicong had already deleted his microblog. Some netizens found a line that Wang Sicong was mad at female reporters about whether he was handsome or not. He also commented on Wang Sicong, who was really hot tempered.

Recently, Wang Sicong, the national husband, and Hua qianfang, a well-known blogger, have launched a hot search on the debate on learning English. Hua qianfang believes: "for the vast majority of Chinese people, English is a waste skill. It's a waste of money, but it's also a sacrifice of children's precious childhood. This remark immediately aroused controversy, and caused Wang Sicong to write a reply: "is there any stupid loser who hasn't been out since 9012?" because of the controversy, Wang Sicong deleted the content of mutual connection with Hua qianfang on the 20th.

Wang Sicong believes that although translation software can be used to go abroad, these software can not translate culture. This netizen responded that language is the foundation of culture, language westernization, thinking westernization, catch-up period learning can be replaced, it must be changed. But Wang Sicong's sentence: "is there any stupid loser who hasn't been out since 9012?" angered this netizen. The argument that there was still room for discussion finally turned into a personal attack of "never been out of the country".

On the morning of March 19, the netizen who argued with Wang Sicong wrote again: "I'm not against learning English. I'm against the whole people learning English hard. There are too many English professional vocabulary, professional field or tools, but also translation, proficient in English is very difficult. "He also stressed that Wang Sicong was required to apologize. On the 20th, Wang Sicong deleted the content of mutual hatred with this netizen.

The majority of netizens also expressed their views on this matter and left a message: "9102 is a curse. Yes, everyone knows that Wang scolds you, but you are the master of more than one billion Chinese people. In terms of expression, hieroglyphs are naturally easy to be disjointed and confused. This is not a total negation. For example, hieroglyphic poetry is well written, and language has not evolved from hieroglyphs When it comes to Pinyin, it is a pity for the development of science and reason. It's really nice to be rich in 9102. '