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Small way to solve the problem of mascara too dry.

When it comes to mascara, girls will definitely know that mascara is a must for makeup. Many times, mascara has made our eyes look great. But when we want to use mascara, what happens when the mascara is too dry? Mascara is too dry, but it's very easy to brush eyelashes into 'fly legs'. So what? How does Mascara do too dry? Xiaobian has some small ways to help you solve the problem.

When we put on makeup, we found that our Mascara was too dry, and when we needed mascara, we usually had the following small ways to relieve the problem of mascara too dry.

The first way: perfume Law: when our mascara is too dry, we can consider using perfume to relieve the problem of too dry mascara. Drop two drops of perfume into the mascara and shake well. But drops of perfume into mascara, sensitive eye and skin allergy should be used with caution.

The second method: toner. We can consider that 2-3 drops of toner can be used again in the dry mascara, but be careful not to drop too much, otherwise the mascara will become liquid and the brush can not be brushed up.

In addition to the above methods of relieving Mascara too dry, we should always take good care of our mascara. When we use it, we should not pull it out at once. We should slowly spin out the bottle, so that we can prevent too much air from entering the bottle and prevent mascara from getting rid of it. And when we apply mascara, we should not put the bottle mouth against the draught. When you brush mascara, it is best to use Z type brush. This way, Brush Mascara, eyelashes not only beautiful, but also can fully Brush Mascara up yo!

Xiaobian to share with you all the small ways to relieve Mascara's too dry is here, although it can be relieved, but too dry mascara is best not used. If you want the life of mascara to be longer, we'd better pay more attention to the protection.