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How to subsidize scrapped cars this year? How much is the subsidy for end of life vehicles

The car is a kind of consumable. If you use it for a long time, all the indicators will not meet the standard, so it will cause potential safety hazards. At this time, you should send the car to the scrap place. It is reported that there are subsidies for the scrapped vehicle. How much is the subsidy for the scrapped vehicle in 2019? Let's take a look at it next!

For the majority of car owners, when they buy a new car, they are in high spirits, but after decades, the vehicles have been aging, and there are various problems. It's good that the vehicles can barely drive at this time. Although the country has now canceled the retirement period of private cars, but for those who have reached the service life and the car condition is very bad, it is still mandatory to scrap.

Many car owners are very dissatisfied with the compulsory scrapping system. Although the vehicles are aging, they can barely drive for a period of time. Therefore, many people are not willing to send them to the scrapping place. However, it is not the same now that the scrapped vehicles are subsidized. After the scrapped vehicles are scrapped, they can get a subsidy, and the car owners can buy new cars again. This is not so distressing,

With the implementation of the new national six standards, the national three vehicles in many places have also become the focus of people's attention. The relevant departments said that before the end of 2020, the operation of national three or below emission standards will be eliminated in many parts of the country, and more than 1 million medium-sized or heavy-duty diesel trucks will be used. What about the national three vehicle scrapping subsidy standards in various regions?

First of all, let's take a look at the capital of China, Beijing's subsidy standard for the scrapping of third-class vehicles, and the examples of various places in Beijing. The implementation time for the scrapping of third-class vehicles is before September 20, 2019. It is estimated that 100000 vehicles will be eliminated, and the maximum subsidy standard can reach 100000 yuan per vehicle!

Take a look at the scrapping subsidy standard of the third national automobile in other regions. The implementation time of scrapping of the third national automobile in Shandong Province is July 1, 2019, and it is estimated that 34000 vehicles will be eliminated. The subsidy standard issued can reach 40000 yuan per vehicle. The implementation time of Shaanxi Province is 2020, and the maximum subsidy standard is about 33000 yuan per vehicle. The subsidy standard of the third national automobile in Shaanxi Province is based on the type of vehicle Different subsidy standards are also different. Heavy duty trucks have the highest subsidy cost, while mini trucks have the lowest subsidy cost. Hangzhou's third-party scrapped vehicles will be implemented before December 31, 2019. It is estimated that 110000 vehicles will be eliminated, and the maximum subsidy standard is 40000 yuan per vehicle!

Judging from the published labels, the subsidy for vehicle scrapping is still very high. Instead of selling old cars to scrap iron, it's better to get the subsidy for scrapping and then buy a new car, which can also reduce some economic losses. The introduction of vehicle scrapping subsidy policy is a huge welfare for the majority of car owners.