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Which brand of fingerprint code lock is better? Listen to the experts

Xiaobian specially interviewed professionals who have been engaged in security work for more than 6 years and are quite familiar with fingerprint lock. Therefore, some friends often ask me about fingerprint lock. Today, I'd like to talk about a problem that everyone is more concerned about. Which brand of fingerprint code lock is better? Listen to the experts.

First of all, the cost of fingerprint lock. A fingerprint lock is composed of shell, chip, fingerprint head, motor, circuit board, lock cylinder, accessories and packaging (similar to mobile phone). The shell material is generally stainless steel, and the high-end fingerprint lock is made of zinc alloy, with stronger hardness and better corrosion resistance. Chip, fingerprint head, motor and so on can be divided into domestic and imported. The packaging of circuit board and lock cylinder accessories are basically domestic. The cost of low-end fingerprint lock is about 550 yuan, excluding labor cost, site cost, machine cost and mold opening cost. If combined, the cost of low-end fingerprint lock is about 600 yuan, and that of middle end is about 1000 yuan, High end is about 1500 yuan. This is the common cost price of middle, high and low-end fingerprint locks.

When we know the cost of a fingerprint lock, we can know the profit of the manufacturer and the dealer. The profit of manufacturers is about 10% - 20%, and that of dealers is about 80% - 100%. So the factory price of the low-end fingerprint lock is about 700 yuan, and the retail price is about 1200 yuan. The factory price of the middle end is about 1200, and the retail price is about 2200. The ex factory price of high-end products is about 1800 yuan, and the retail price is more than 3200 yuan. What I'm talking about is the general range. It doesn't mean that the price of all fingerprint locks is in this range. Different components or materials will certainly lead to different prices.

After we know the cost price, factory price and retail price of fingerprint lock, let's talk about how to choose.

1. Big brands for money

As we all know, a lot of big brands only rely on advertising. This is true of every product. Every year, millions of advertising expenses are a lot of expenses for any company. Many enterprises also spend a lot of money on celebrity endorsement in order to turn their products into so-called 'big brands'. Big brands are accompanied by high prices. Because of the high cost of advertising, the price of products must be higher than that of ordinary brands. However, we all know the truth of "wool comes from sheep". After packaging, things worth 10 yuan can be sold for 100 yuan or even higher. And 'big brand' is not the same as' high quality '. In recent years, star endorsement problem products emerge in an endless stream, and they are searched online. So big brands are not necessarily good brands. But in general, although big brands have the lowest cost performance, most of the quality is reliable.

2. If it's cheap, go to find a treasure

We all have heard about the proliferation of fake goods in a certain treasure, and there are also cases of a certain East swipe. As the shopkeepers summed up: "nine out of ten online stores brush, and one without brush is a fool.". Thus it can be seen that more than 90% of the praise is drawn by the store itself. If you really believe it, Congratulations, you may be caught in the trap. Moreover, the supervision of online stores is not strict, and many products produced by small workshops can also be highly praised and become 'high-volume' stores. It's not necessarily good for you to see the online shop. But want to figure cheap friends can go to a treasure, universal a treasure product quality is not flattering, but will definitely encounter the lowest price.

No more nonsense. Back to my friends' most concerned question, which brand is better for fingerprint locks with a retail price of less than 2000 yuan? According to the analysis just now, the cost price of fingerprint locks with a retail price of less than 2000 yuan is about 1000 yuan. There are many brands in this price range on the market, such as Wang Li. If you want to buy it at the factory price, you can buy it directly from the manufacturer. In this way, you can buy high-end products at the middle price.