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What are the fantasy TV series in Britain? List of classic fantasy English dramas

I don't know if you like English dramas. Some fantastic English dramas in the UK are really unforgettable. The legend of Merlin who once entered CCTV 8, the vulgar and bizarre talk full of Gothic style, and Little Joe Jonathon & middot; Les & middot; at the peak of his appearance; Mayes's representative work, ghost town, and other fantasy British dramas have to be mentioned. What other British classic fantasy TV dramas have you seen? Let's get to know the list of the top ten most classic fantasy dramas in the UK with the editor!

Top 10 fantasy dramas in the UK

1. Legend of Merlin

Merlin is a magic TV series produced by BBC in 2008. Directed by James & middot; Howey, starring Colin & middot; Morgan and Bradley & middot; James, the show has five seasons and ends at the end of 2012.

The legend of Merlin tells the early life of Merlin and Arthur, and interprets the ancient and classic legend of King Arthur from a new modern perspective. The story begins with young Merlin's first step into Camelot city - the tyrant King Uther has just issued an order to prohibit the use of any magic in the country, while young Merlin is full of endless yearning for magic. Arthur was born to help the young prince of England to build up a secret against Merlin.

2. Vulgar talk

Vulgar tales is a horror TV series directed by Juan Antonio bayana and co starred by Eva Green, Josh Harnett, Timothy Dalton and Helen McCrory.

In Victorian London, the story is a collection of characters in monster stories, horror stories and supernatural and absurd stories. Such classic horror characters as Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula will all appear. The play is defined as a psychological + sexual thriller series, you can imagine there will be a lot of restricted violence and sex scenes.

Josh hannett plays cowboy Ethan Chandler, the only American character in the show. This character is from John Wayne's western searcher. Victorian women are fascinated by this handsome cowboy, but he has an unknown dark side. In addition, French actress Eva Green plays a beautiful but dangerous woman Vanessa Eve, who is the center of the play. 'former bond' Timothy & middot; Dalton as Mr. Malcolm, the explorer. British born liv Carney and Harry tweed play Dr. Dorian Gray and Dr. Victor Frankenstein respectively.

3. I want to be human

I want to be a man is a TV horror comedy produced by BBC, directed by Colin Teague and Charles Martin, starring guy Flanagan and Sam Huntington. This play tells how the three leading characters who live together in the play, ghost Anne (played by Lenora Crichlow), wolf George (played by Russell Tovey) and vampire Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner), face and return to ordinary people's lives without suppressing their loneliness, brutality and ferocity.

4. Gomen ghost town

The four episode Mini drama, ghost town, is adapted from Mervyn peak's fantasy novel of the same name. The original author peak's early experience of living in China influenced the creation of the ghost town of gomen. The castle in the mini play symbolizes not only the Forbidden City of Beijing, but also Lhasa, the holy city of Tibet. Purists may think that the production of the play is not as grand as that described in the book, but the author Anthony Burgess thinks that the play is extremely excellent, a great classic of the 20th century, and also a fable reflecting the two world wars. Throughout the play, it is not so much Gothic Expressionism as fairy tale dreamlike atmosphere. It contains science fiction elements, such as the age of the story. Gmen ghost town is the last settlement of human beings on the earth, which is in danger of being abandoned by human beings.

5. Eric the dog

Eric the dog is an English series. Released in 1988, it is divided into three parts. It's mainly about a little boy who turns into a dog when he scratched. Only his good friends know the secret. The boy cooperated with his good friends, participated in a lot of pet dog skills competitions, and won many champion trophies and prizes.

Children with freckles ~ the first part is Eric and his good friend; the second part is his good friend went to Holland, it seems that the new girl Rachel is with him; the third part is Rachel and another boy who replaced Eric! (later they grow up, Eric can't turn into a dog even if he sneezes. Just another little boy. The little boy passed Eric by. .

6. Discover the Witch

Matthew goody and Teresa Palmer will star in sky's new play the Witch of discovery, which is adapted from the novel of the same name. Directed by Juan Carlos Medina and written by Kate Brooke. Palmer plays an Oxford scholar and an heir to the witch family. She accidentally discovers a book that has been enchanted, which connects her with the mysterious vampire played by Matthew goody.

7. Lingxian

Martin Shaw will star in this wonderful and fascinating drama, which tells the story of exorcists' struggle with demons after discovering the signs of doomsday. Martin will play the role of a Christian priest in the Ministry of canonization, investigating supernatural phenomena and canonizing candidates. He was involved in the world of exorcism. When a 10-year-old girl contacted him, he was convinced that his father had been haunted by demons.

8. Frankenstein

The character at the beginning of the story is Robert Walton, who is on an expedition to the Arctic. He wrote to tell his sister that he was very eager to have a like-minded friend. In the fourth letter, he said that he found a hungry, cold and weak man on the ice floe, so he rescued him on the boat, and regarded him as his long cherished friend, Victor Frankenstein.

Frankenstein told Walton about his experience. Growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, he has been keen on the origin of life. He tried to conquer death and create a new life. For him, science is a collection of knowledge that can give people the power of God. All day long, he hid in a small room to study how to make life. He was so absorbed that he forgot to eat and sleep, completely ignored his own health, and alienated his relatives and friends. Even his fiancee Elizabeth and his best friend Henry colleval could not make him change his mind

9. The living and the dead

The living and the dead is the latest thriller by BBC noe. The structure of the play is similar to that of the unit play. Each episode tells about a series of strange events in the man's family and farm. Perhaps the most bizarre thing is not the invasion of ghosts, but the modern technology that keeps flashing in front of men's eyes, jet airplanes, iPads, and speeding cars. Audiences wonder why modern technology flashed in 1888, and there may be answers in the next few episodes.

10. The magic world of crazy mothers

"The magic world of crazy mothers", a British TV series, directed by Steve Connelly, starring Matthew bennton, Simon Farnaby and Martha Howe Douglas. Debbie Maddox, a 33 year old mother, found herself in a magical new world full of bizarre characters, with only a small elf around to help her. Debbie thinks she's crazy & hellip; & hellip; because an overzealous elf appears in her kitchen closet, claiming that another world needs her