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What should parents do about their children's early love

The best way for parents to get along with their children is to communicate and understand. When children first come to the world, they are full of curiosity about the world. However, their understanding of the world is one-sided, and they can't completely distinguish right from wrong. All these need the patient guidance and explanation of adults. Never hurt your children in order to achieve the desired results. Here are three related questions according to the children's early love. Please think about the answers.

Do you mind if your child falls in love early? Why? If you mind, I hope you can tell your child the reason and make a good communication between parents so that the child can know that your decision is made out of your love for him. In fact, children grow up listening to their parents' words. Even if they are angry, rebellious and angry, you may not find that they are slowly developing according to the track you said. If you don't mind your child's early love, please correctly guide him how to treat his feelings, what can be done and what can't be done. If you don't get the answer here, maybe the child will be fascinated by the outside world.

Do you pay attention to the quality of children? Early love is not a very serious problem, if he goes to fight with others for his favorite person, it is a serious situation to smoke and make boyfriend and girlfriend with the little gangster. I have met many parents who only pay attention to their children's learning and skills training, and do not set up a correct world outlook for their children. If a child knows how to read, respects his teachers, respects his elders, treats others in a harmonious and kind way, and lives in a positive way, I believe that even if he falls in love early, he will not do anything that makes people sad and disappointed.

Do you scold your children when you are angry, and apologize to them afterwards? This kind of behavior is to push away the distance between you and your child. Although they may have done something wrong, the more you beat and scold him, the farther he will be away from you. Many children are more close to their mother, but they are afraid of their father. This is because most mothers are gentle, angry and only scold a few words. However, the father will warn the children very severely, and they will give them a beating if they don't listen. Behind the children who have both excellent conduct are great fathers and mothers.

It's not hard for children to understand your pains. As long as you use the right way, you will find that children are surprisingly sensible and kind.