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Which country brand is Mac? Which products are worth buying

Meike M & middot; a & middot; C is the abbreviation of Makeup Art Cosmetics, which is a brand of Estee Lauder cosmetics group. It is well-known in the cosmetics industry, so which country's brand is it? What products are worth buying? Let's have a look!

Which country's brand is Meike

Mac makeup was founded in 1984, original in Canada, now owned by Estee Lauder. The first MAC makeup camera was born under the magnesium lamp. From the beginning of the first batch of products, MAC Cosmetics has achieved success with its rich colors and unique formula, and has established the status of a professional cosmetics brand. Mac always pursues the integration of fashion, happiness and fantasy, and respects the right and freedom of people of different races, genders and ages to pursue dreams and beauty. MAC Cosmetics Company's efforts in AIDS, anti abuse, environmental protection and other social undertakings are even more valuable. Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and many other stars have spoken for vivaglam's love for AIDS.

Recommended products

Eye makeup series

M· A· C has a variety of mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, false eyelash and magic star fines, using different kinds of products to meet the needs of various makeup. Through the release of new products, thematic trends, and seasonal Limited special packaging of eye shadow, MAC eye makeup series is always worth consumers' expectation.

Lip makeup series

Lipstick products, colorful colors, diverse texture and formula, make M· A· C make-up popular all over the world and even today. Many consumers come to MAC's lipstick and follow closely. From the matte lipstick designed for the fashion backstage to the famous glossy lip gloss made by photographers, our lip makeup series has covered all types of texture and formula.

Base makeup series

The foundation of MAC has a full range of colors and many kinds of texture. It accords with all kinds of makeup that people of different ages, races and skins require. Collocation with other products, such as powder, powder and cake, make our primer series ideal for global application.

Make up brush

Make up brush is a necessary tool to make up. M & middot; a & middot; C's make-up brush can assist professional make-up artists to make their make-up more delicate and natural, and easily create perfect make-up. The brush is designed for eyes, lips and face. The selected materials are natural animal hair taken in a mild way, synthetic fiber, or a mixture of the two to suit different texture products. All brushes are excellent in texture, function and durability.

Pre makeup series

Pre makeup series is the continuation of skin care, but also the preparation of makeup. Its light texture and colorless formula can moisturize the skin without affecting the make-up color, but it can make up for a long time. Using pre makeup products has become an important step to prepare eyes, lips, eyelashes and skin before daily makeup.

Skin care

Adhering to the concept of full function and excellent quality. MAC series includes spray, cleansing, makeup remover, exfoliating, moisturizing and other products, providing all kinds of skin daily needs.