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What effect does Panax notoginseng have to drink? The taboo of Panax notoginseng soaking in water

As a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, Panax notoginseng is well known by many people. It can not only regulate the body, but also reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. Many people like to drink it in water because it has good and rich effects. What are the effects and taboos of drinking it in water?

Seven taboos of drinking Panax notoginseng in water

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Panax notoginseng is cool in nature and sweet in taste. After taking it, it can lower blood pressure, clear away heat and detoxify. In addition, Panax notoginseng can inhibit our central nervous system after entering the body, which has a certain calming effect.

In daily life, if the body has high blood pressure, dizziness or acute pharyngitis, it is recommended to drink Panax notoginseng flowers in water, which can effectively promote the recovery of health. However, women during menstruation and cold period can not take, in addition to the dosage also need special attention. Specific precautions are as follows:

First: Patients with deficiency cold should be cautious

Experts suggest that if the body belongs to the weak cold constitution of the crowd, in the choice of taking Panax notoginseng water must pay special attention, should not be recommended, if you must use, then you must pay attention to observe the patient's physical condition. This is because the property of Panax notoginseng belongs to cold and cold, which can aggravate the symptoms of deficiency cold. If not suitable for taking, then the body will have a cold and runny nose and other side effects.

Second: it's best not to take it during menstruation

Women in the menstrual period had better not take cold food or medicine, and Panax notoginseng is just cool, after taking the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it is easy to lead to increased menstruation in women. However, if it is a woman with irregular menstruation of blood stasis type, taking Panax Notoginseng Flower or drinking it in water can regulate menstruation very well.

Third: it's best not to take it during the cold

If the body has a cold, then it is best not to take Panax notoginseng, otherwise it will not promote health, but will aggravate the degree of cold.

Fourth: pregnant women will drink Panax notoginseng water to be careful

If a woman is pregnant, then it is best not to take any medicine about Panax notoginseng, such as Panax notoginseng, Panax Notoginseng Flower, Panax notoginseng root, etc. This is not a simple problem of taking medicine, it is easy to cause harm to the fetus and pregnant women. However, if women have finished childbirth, then Panax notoginseng is very suitable for taking, has a good blood tonic effect.

Fifth: do not take it with other scented teas

In daily life, we don't recommend mixing Panax notoginseng with other kinds of flower tea, such as rose, chrysanthemum and so on. This is because the single use of Panax notoginseng is the best, if you add other tea will affect the efficacy. However, some people are not used to the taste of Panax notoginseng. At this time, you can add some rock sugar in an appropriate amount, which can effectively improve the taste.

Sixth: the dosage of Panax notoginseng

If you want to take Panax notoginseng flowers healthily, you must know how much Panax notoginseng flowers drink in water, so as to ensure the health of the body to the maximum extent. About three or five flowers of Panax notoginseng are directly infused with boiling water, which has a good effect of calming the nerves, reducing blood pressure, clearing away heat and protecting the liver; about three or five flowers of Panax notoginseng and a small amount of green fruit are infused with boiling water, which has the effect of treating acute pharyngitis; If about 10 grams of Panax notoginseng flowers and eggs are boiled together, 10 minutes later add the broken egg shell, and then take, can effectively treat hypertension.

Seventh: identification method of Panax Notoginseng Flower

In our daily life, we usually classify Panax notoginseng flowers according to their year, appearance and whether they have stalks. In terms of year, two-year flower and three-year flower are more common. Generally, the larger the year is, the larger the flower is. If it is according to the case with handle to distinguish, if Panax Notoginseng Flower with handle, then the market price will be lower. If it is according to the phase to distinguish, then it should be from the color and purity of Panax Notoginseng Flower classification. In addition, when we buy Panax notoginseng, we should also pay attention to the dryness of the flowers. This is because the dryness is directly related to the collection effect and the purchase price of Panax notoginseng.

Each kind of Chinese medicine has its own effect, which also belongs to its taboo. Panax notoginseng has good effect, but it is not suitable for all people. For example, some friends can't tell the truth because of their weak constitution, and some friends will have menstrual problems when eating Panax notoginseng during confinement. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should distinguish their own constitution.