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What does second hand car transfer fee mean? What does used car transfer fee include

For the second-hand car ownership transfer, consumers know that they must pay the relevant fees, which is inevitable, so what is the second-hand car ownership transfer fee? What does used car transfer fee include? Please see the information compiled by for you. ​​​​​​​

New standard of used car ownership transfer fee

At present, China's second-hand car transfer fee standard is mainly charged according to the displacement and year. According to the types of cars, off-road vehicles, buses, trucks and other vehicles, as well as different displacement range, load range and other categories, different charging standards are adopted.

For example, Beijing: at present, the city's car transfer fee is mainly related to the displacement and years, and the fee ranges from 180 yuan to 980 yuan. Among them, about 200 yuan will be charged for less than 1.0L, 400 yuan for 1.0l-1.9l, 600 yuan for 2.0l-2.9l and 800 yuan for 3.0L and above. In addition, the longer the number of years, the cheaper the transfer fee. There is also a licensing fee of 115 yuan.

Other costs include:

Agency fee: the agency fee of the entrusted company is generally about 200 yuan. (first of all, to pay the second-hand car transfer fee is not only to pay the second-hand car transfer fee itself, but also to entrust a special company to handle the business, which can not avoid the agency fee.)

transfer commission:

It is charged at 5% of the assessed price of the vehicle, and the buyer and the Seller shall decide who will pay the fee through negotiation

Assessment of vehicle cost:

The vehicle evaluation fee is generally about 200 yuan

Vehicle inspection fee:

About 80 yuan, generally by the buyer and the seller jointly negotiate to bear the inspection fee


It's usually 150 yuan

matters needing attention:

Different cities, the specific second-hand car transfer fees are not the same, you need to pay the relevant fees according to the local situation, as for whether the fee is borne by the buyer or the seller, it mainly depends on the negotiation between the two sides. China Automotive online school reminds you that after paying the relevant fees, you need to sign a contract, and carefully see the content of the contract, to avoid hidden terms leading to their own part of the extra costs.