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How to clean silver ornaments after blackening? Share the correct cleaning skills of silver jewelry

Many friends like to wear silver, because silver is cheap, beautiful, and has health care function. But what makes people unhappy is that silver ornaments will be easily oxidized and blackened after wearing for a period of time, so how to properly clean silver ornaments when they become black?

1. Use toothpaste and toothbrush

First of all, we use toothpaste. We squeeze a little toothpaste onto our bracelet, find a soft toothbrush and brush it back and forth gently. Slowly, you will find that the black part is gradually gone. Finally, slowly clean it with water and it will turn white and bright. This is the most common method.

2. Soak in coke

We put the coke we drink every day to a little bit and soak it in it. This is more suitable for those bracelets that are not easy to brush. If we can't brush them, we can soak them for a period of time and then clean them.

3. Wash with vinegar or tea

You can use vinegar, or strong tea water to scrub, the effect is the same. It depends on which method is more convenient for you to use.

4. Use professional silver cloth

Buy professional silver paper to wipe. What is a professional silver paper, it is a special professional cloth, and then it will have silver powder, so as to wipe clean.

5. Use alcohol or ammonia

You can also use alcohol or ammonia to scrub and react to black oxides. However, these are not common things in our ordinary people's homes. If you have the conditions, you can try them.

6. The way to brighten silver with balm

Collect all kinds of incense ashes, sandalwood, mosquito repellent incense, tower incense and long incense. It's cheaper and faster than toothpaste. Silver wear a long time to absorb the body's rheumatic breath into black green, if there is fire is black red yellow. Knead a little perfume and wipe it on the silver surface. Remember to be dry. No water. Shine where you shine. After all wiping, rinse with water and take on a new look. The surface of the silver and the powder of the balm remain dry.

At present, there are no more than these six methods of silver blackening. You can choose the appropriate method according to your own situation. Of course, maintenance is also very important!