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What is tiktok vans shoe? Why are vans shoes always up

Tiktok tiktok is really more and more fun. Recently, a new vans shoe thrower has been put out. Many people don't know what it is. Actually, people who throw vans shoes in the short video are more likely to follow suit. But why do they always face up when they lose their shoes?

Tiktok: what kind of shoe is vans shoe?

When it comes to vans shoes, we must be very familiar with them?

After all, the shoes are really hot, especially the black classic, but to be honest, the vans really looks good.

But what tiktok has been doing when he plays the jitter is recently brushing a lot of videos of vans shoes. What they say is that if vans is dropped, it is true if it is standing up. If it is not standing up, it is false.

In fact, the reason why we lose vans all over the net is just for fun. It doesn't mean that losing shoes can stand up is true. After all, the soles are heavy, and they will stand up whether they are true or false.

As for the video above, it's just so much fun!

Is it true that vans lost his shoes

In fact, if you want to identify the true and false shoes, you can't identify the lost shoes. Otherwise, what do you need to do with those special experts? Therefore, we should adopt the correct way.

The way to throw shoes on the shaking is to make a fun, because the heat is up, and the first place in the US is tiktok.

I have to say, this trend is really crazy.