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How can Jingdong white bar increase the quota quickly? Three ways to increase Jingdong Baitiao quota

In the online loan market, Jingdong Baitiao is one of the most popular credit products, similar to Huabei. However, some small partners feel that the amount of Jingdong Baitiao is too low, and they want to increase the amount through some formal methods. So, how to quickly raise the amount of Jingdong Baitiao? Let's take a look at these three methods.

1. Shopping in Jingdong Mall. When the system determines the quota for everyone, it will take into account everyone's consumption demand. Therefore, if you want to raise the amount in Jingdong Baitiao, you must increase your consumption amount and consumption frequency in Jingdong Mall, so that the system can know that your consumption demand is very large.

2. Accumulate personal credit. Jingdong Baitiao is a loan opening that can check the borrower's credit. If the borrower's credit reference system is constantly increasing good personal loan records, then the system will naturally raise the amount. Therefore, we should learn to use credit card reasonably in order to accumulate personal credit.

3. Use other products of Jingdong finance. Jingdong financial products are very rich, covering insurance, stocks, funds, public welfare, living expenses and so on. Partners can increase their dependence on Jingdong by using these products, so as to gain more trust from JD, which can help us to increase our white paper quota. It should be noted that the overdue repayment of Jingdong Baitiao is relatively serious. We should remember to repay on time. Otherwise, we will not only be charged with penalty interest, reduce the amount of Jingdong white note, but also may cause a stain on your personal credit. If you often forget to repay, it is recommended to set up automatic repayment function, so as not to cause overdue due to poor memory.