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How to reduce blood pressure quickly? These methods must be useful

Hypertension is a common clinical symptom. Adult blood pressure & Ge; 140mmHg and / or 90mmHg is hypertension. Generally, it occurs in obese people, the elderly, and people who often drink alcohol. People who are serious often have dizziness, headache, palpitation and so on. It is more likely to lead to blood vessel rupture, bleeding or even paralysis. Hypertension is generally related to genetic factors, living environment factors, mental life factors, living habits factors, drug consumption factors and age, etc. How to reduce blood pressure quickly?

First, taking medicine is the most convenient and effective way to reduce blood pressure. Many antihypertensive drugs also have a lot of relative side effects, so we must pay attention to follow the guidance of doctors, and avoid taking antihypertensive drugs at will. Antihypertensive drugs can be divided into five categories: calcium antagonists, ACE inhibitors, ang Ⅱ receptor antagonists, diuretics and & beta; receptor blockers. Four principles should be followed, that is, starting with a small dose, giving priority to long-term preparations, combination drugs and life-long drugs.

Second, non drug therapy, low salt and low fat diet as far as possible, quit smoking and alcohol, pay attention to more exercise, jogging and aerobic exercise every week, can prolong life, and then control their own weight, so as to achieve the effect of weight control. Eat more green and healthy vegetables and fruits. Such as: broccoli, celery, leek, dragon fruit, apple, grapefruit, orange, etc. Eat less foods with high cholesterol, such as animal viscera, fat meat, fish roe, egg yolk, squid, etc., and avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Cultivate a good mental state and eliminate the tension and depression. Rest properly, ensure sleep, and minimize the excitement. When going out for activities and inspection, it should be accompanied to prevent fainting and injury You can take the corresponding antihypertensive tea or antihypertensive soup.