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Is Zara a a high-end brand? How about the quality of Zara's clothes

How about the quality of Zara clothes? Zara itself is a cheap brand. It is a common product in foreign countries, so it can't reach the elegant table. However, in China, the brand is overestimated, which is also related to his marketing strategy. In every prosperous place, there are Zara stores, which may be next to Gucci and Hermes. It's also common for women to carry bags in famous brand stores.

Zara is selling design, not quality. You should know that it is cost-effective to buy clothes of the same style as the famous brands of the season at such a low price. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes that last for several seasons, it's impossible to think about it. So in this shop to buy that kind of fashion is very heavy clothes, do not want to buy any classic. Let's take t for example. The price of 1,2 hundred T is more than that for domestic small brands in shopping malls?!

So why do people buy it because of its poor quality and many people buy it? It is one of the three largest clothing retailers in the world because of its good design and low price.

Introduction to Zara brand

Zara (Zara) is a subsidiary of INDITEX group (stock code itx) established in Spain in 1975. It is not only a clothing brand but also a chain retail brand specializing in Zara brand clothing. Zara is the third largest clothing company in the world and the first in Spain. It has set up more than 2000 clothing chain stores in 87 countries.

Zara is deeply loved by fashion youth all over the world, but the excellent design price of designer brand is cheaper. In short, it is to let the common people embrace high fashion. INDITEX ranks first in Spain, surpassing gap in the United States, HM in Sweden and KM in Denmark, becoming the first clothing retail group in the world. As of October 31, 2013, it has opened 6249 stores in 86 countries and regions around the world, with a total of 8 clothing retail brands, among which Zara is the most famous brand. It has 1808 stores in 86 countries around the world (90% are self owned stores, and the rest are joint ventures and franchised stores). Although Zara stores account for only one-third of INDITEX's stores, their sales account for about 66% of total sales.

Zara's first store was opened in La Coru? A, Spain in 1975, and now has more than 1900 stores in the business centers of 87 major cities in the world. Zara's international success clearly shows that fashion culture has no borders. With a creative team of more than 200 professionals, Zara's design process keeps up with the public taste.