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How to apply for wechat account in 2019? Application steps for mobile wechat account registration

Now you can only apply for a wechat account by mobile phone, but you can only apply for it with the help of another wechat with a bank card for verification. Many netizens said it was too troublesome. So how to apply for wechat account in 2019? Let's learn about the application steps of mobile wechat account registration.

Methods / steps:

Return the wechat account you used on your mobile phone. You can see more options at the bottom of wechat, and click to enter.

In more options, you can see login to other accounts, go to wechat security center, register and cancel. We can choose [Register].

To register, select the 11 digit Chinese mobile phone number, set the password, and select next.

in_the_fourth_step_ , _i_will_jump_out_of_the_ " _wechat_privacy_protection_guide_ " . _in_fact_ , _i_really_don_ '_t_have_the_patience_to_read_his_instructions_carefully_ . _if_i_don_ '_t_agree_ , _it_ '_s_definitely_impossible_to_register_ . _if_i_can_ '_t_register_ , _it_won_ '_t_work_ . _so_i_just_choose_to_agree_by_myself_ ._ Then select next.

The fifth step is to carry out [security verification] and select [start]

The sixth step is "wechat security". Drag the slider below to complete the puzzle.

The seventh step is to get qualified wechat users to help you verify. The verification method is to scan the QR code with wechat that has been in use and has a bank account bound. Then the verifier proves that he is the real person. In a word, the process is very troublesome.

Wechat friends will send a text message to Tencent with a new number after verifying it for you.

After sending short messages, please improve your personal information so that your friends can recognize you and put your personal picture and name.

After setting up personal data, you can bind your own mobile phone address book, so that wechat server can automatically match and recommend friends. It can also be unbound.

Finally, the registration is successful. Welcome to the wechat team. Enter the wechat home page, add friends, pay attention to the public number, send files, chat, send red packets, shopping, etc.