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What is it like to eat areca for the first time? Which is more harmful, betel nut or smoking

Many people chew betel nut in order to stop smoking, but some people say that chewing betel nut is as harmful as smoking. So which one is more harmful? What's the feeling of eating areca for the first time?

Betel nut and tobacco which harm more

Smoking is more harmful. Obviously, smoking is more harmful. Smoking is the most dangerous to respiratory tract. It is easy to cause laryngitis, tracheitis, emphysema, cough, etc. most importantly, smokers have a higher incidence rate of lung cancer than normal people. Secondly, they can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Chewing betel nut often can cause oral ulcer, gingival degeneration, submucosal fibrosis, and then lead to oral cancer.

Harm of areca nut

1. Betel nut contains carcinogenic alkaloids, leading to oral cancer. At present, many people suffer from oral cancer because of areca nut.

2. Long term eating betel nut will make people's teeth black. After chewing betel nut, the residue will be vomited on the ground, with red spots, like blood stains, affecting public health.

3. Because calcareous and betel nut juice fill the mouth, they form dental calculus, and chew hard for a long time, and even cause teeth to crack or break.

4. Chewing betel nut can cause oral submucosal fibrosis and leukoplakia, which is the early stage of oral cancer. Its clinical symptoms include difficulty in opening mouth, pain, numbness, whitening of oral mucosa and ulcer.

5. Excessive areca nut consumption has a great impact on the digestive system. This is because betel nut juice scale contaminates the black lips, teeth and cheek, affects the view, and damages the taste nerve and saliva secretion, hinders the digestive function. The areca residue stimulates the gastric wall, causing inflammation and even perforation of the gastric mucosa, affecting nutrient absorption and causing malnutrition. Especially children eat areca nut easily lead to malnutrition.

6. Eating more areca nut is harmful to human body, if pregnant women eat too much, it may lead to abortion.

What are the hazards of smoking

1. Reducing life span: when it comes to the harm of smoking, we have to talk about life expectancy. According to some surveys, every cigarette smoking will shorten the life span of 11 minutes. Of course, this figure is not necessarily accurate, but one thing is certain: non-smokers live longer than smokers.

2. Impact on sleep: according to a new survey by German scientists, smokers sleep less than non-smokers, and sleep quality is also poor. Nicotine is the main culprit of affecting sleep. Poor sleep quality will not only make people in a poor mental state after waking up, some studies also show that if the quality of habitual sleep is poor, there will be obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

3. Impact on fertility: according to research, long-term smokers have 75% lower sperm fertility than non-smokers. The culprit is still nicotine in cigarettes, because sperm can recognize nicotine and react to it. Long term smoking makes the nicotine receptor overload in human sperm, which leads to the decline of fertilization ability.

4. Risk of miscarriage: pregnant women smoking not only endangers their health, but also may cause damage to the fetus in the stomach. Nicotine and nicotine contained in cigarettes can cause systemic vascular lesions and uterine blood vessels are involved. Smoking makes early pregnancy prone to abortion, to the middle of pregnancy the most dangerous complications - pregnancy induced hypertension.

5. Lung disease: smoking is one of the main causes of chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic airway obstruction. Smoking can cause changes in the structure and function of central and peripheral airway, alveoli and capillaries, and affect the immune system of the lung, thus leading to lung diseases.

6. Cardiovascular disease: smoking not only induces lung disease, but also cardiovascular disease. According to the research, the incidence rate of coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular diseases of smokers is significantly higher than that of non-smokers. The main mechanism of smoking promoting cardiovascular diseases is mainly smoking, causing endothelial dysfunction, increasing thrombosis, strengthening inflammatory reaction and oxidizing modification.

7. Osteoporosis: smoking can lead to osteoporosis. The principle is that nicotine in tobacco can affect the absorption of calcium, nicotine can inhibit osteoblasts, stimulate the activity of osteoclasts, and so on. Let alone calcium intake alone will make part of bone calcium released into the blood to maintain normal Blood calcium level. In this way, it will reduce bone mineral density and cause osteoporosis.

8. Smoking carcinogenesis: smoking carcinogenesis has been a recognized fact, smoking is not only one of the important pathogenic factors of lung cancer, the risk of lung cancer in smokers is 13 times that of non-smokers, at the same time, smoking is related to the occurrence of lip cancer, tongue cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cancer and cervical cancer. Studies have shown that carcinogens in smoke can also affect the fetus through placenta, resulting in a significant increase in the incidence rate of cancer among their offspring.

What's your reaction to eating betel nut for the first time

Betel nut is one of the four famous Southern medicines in China. Areca nut has many diseases, such as edema, joint opening, spleen regulating, and heart pain accumulation.

Reaction to eating areca nut

The person that chews for the first time can blush, chest tightness, belong to normal phenomenon.

Excessive arecoline can cause salivation, vomiting, diuresis, lethargy and convulsion, even chest tightness, sweating, dizziness and shock, and should not be swallowed. As a result of chewing action frequently, exceeding the normal load, resulting in tooth wear and tear, as well as the tooth bed shake.

For your health, please do not chew betel nut. For example, smokers should abstain from chewing betel nut, because the combination of the two is more likely to cause oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal cancer and esophageal cancer.

Chewing areca nut can not only make teeth black, wear, shake, gingival atrophy, cause periodontal disease, Oral Submucosal Fibrosis and oral mucosal leukoplakia, but also cause oral cancer.

Although betel nut has a lot of functions and benefits, the harm of betel nut should be paid attention to. Areca or less recommended.

What should I pay attention to when using betel nut

We still need to control the amount of arecoline, because in addition to its anti Helicobacter pylori effect, it can also cause nerve excitation in the human body. If you eat it directly or too much, it will easily cause the heart rate to accelerate, the blood circulation to speed up, and even produce the feeling of "choking".