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How can the old people's endowment insurance not pay? Can I still get 75 yuan a month

Nowadays, China's aging phenomenon is increasing. For the rural elderly, their biggest headache is their future pension problem. Rural people, unlike urban people, generally receive a lot of pension after retirement, and their life in their later years can be guaranteed. Still have a lot of 60 old people endowment insurance cannot afford to do? Can I still get 75 yuan a month? Let's have a look.

Although rural people have worked hard all their lives, they have no pension. Most of them rely on their children to support their old age. But in today's society, the pressure of providing for the aged is very great. I don't know that young people's own economic conditions are not good, and they can't support their parents very well. Therefore, many rural old people lead a miserable life in their old age.

The state has also realized this point. In order to make the rural elderly have a sense of security and dependence, many policies have been put forward, including payment of endowment insurance. Since last year, the old-age insurance policy in rural areas has also changed a lot, and the supplementary payment policy has been implemented. Before the age of 60, farmers can pay one-time endowment insurance, and the amount of supplementary payment is more than 90000 yuan. When you are 60 years old, you can get a pension. You can get about 1300 yuan a month.

The policy of making up for the old-age insurance in rural areas is indeed very good. It can let the farmers who did not before have time to pay the old-age insurance can also pay. However, the amount of this insurance is nearly 100000 yuan, which is not a small sum of money for farmers with generally low income. Although many farmers have reached the age of 60, they do not have the money to pay the old-age insurance. What should we do under such circumstances?

For the rural elderly who can not afford the endowment insurance, the state also has corresponding policy support. If the rural elderly do not pay endowment insurance, as long as they are over 60 years old, they can get the basic pension given by the state. The pension is free of charge, with 75 yuan per month.

The basic pension of 75 yuan is not a lot at present, but it can relieve the pressure of the elderly in rural areas to a certain extent. Moreover, with the continuous development of the national economy and the increasing support for rural areas, the amount of this pension will continue to rise in the future, and farmers will get more.