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How to make an appointment online to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass? Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao pa

Residents already hold valid "pass to and from Hong Kong and Macao". In addition to travel to Hong Kong and Macao, they can also make an appointment for business in Hong Kong and Macao through the Internet, and obtain evidence directly on the date of appointment. So how to make an appointment to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass online? The following is a small compilation of relevant information, to take you to understand the Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macao pass booking process.

Methods / steps:

Enter the official website of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

Search the official website of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau online and open it.

Choose 'booking for entry exit card'.

Registered residence in registered residence and non deep registered residence in the 'personal business', choose the corresponding household registration and enter the next step of operation.

Registered account.

Click 'register' on the page, and input the mobile phone number and verification code first. Then fill in the ID card number and name, and finally set the account password.

Login account.

Log in with mobile phone number, password and verification code.

Choose the office and appointment time.

It is recommended to choose the nearest office and pay attention to the appointment time. From Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:45 and 14:00-17:45 can not be made after 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Confirm the agreement.

Click 'agree' to proceed to the next step. It should be noted here that if you break the appointment three times, you will be blacklisted.

Fill in the information of the applicant, the type of certificate application and the method of obtaining evidence.