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Everything is very good. What brand of car does Mingyu drive? Price of the same model of Yao Chen

Now the TV series "all good" is on the air. As soon as the TV series is broadcast, the discussion is very high. It's all very good. What kind of car does Mingyu drive? How much is Yao Chen's Mercedes Benz? How much is the price of the same model?

Everything is very good. What kind of car does Mingyu drive

Benz. Su Mingyu, the eldest son of the Su family, played by Yao Chen in the TV series "everything is very good", is the third daughter of the Su family. With rebellious personality since childhood, it is not surprising that she has become a strong woman when she grows up. After watching the TV series, many people are very interested in Mingyu's car. Indeed, this Mercedes Benz model is also in line with Mingyu's identity and status. I have to say again that the service of this play is really in place, and the crew is quite willing to spend money. It is indeed a drama of conscience.

All very good. How much is Yao Chen's Mercedes Benz

Benz cls300 sedan, the reference price is 6488-918800. Yao Chen plays Su Mingyu as a gold collar, this level of car is also fully worthy of the status. After a few episodes of the show, netizens were surrounded by fans. Yao Chen's makeup and hairstyle were praised. Mingyu's home and car were low-key, luxurious and connotative, and they were well chosen.

In "all is well", Yao Chen, as a rebellious, independent and strong woman with golden collar after growing up, has cut off economic contact with her family since she was 18 years old. She rebelliously wants to draw a clear line with the family, but she always gives up the family disputes whose blood is thicker than water. Yao Chen, who has been away from the screen for a long time, has made a beautiful comeback.

Up to now, the number of a video app broadcast has reached more than 100 million, but it has earned enough attention! The plot is quite wonderful. To be honest, an urban drama has been shot with the rhythm of langyabang! It's really rare! Teacher Ni Dahong is simply a walking classic! The TV series is adapted from novels, which is really too real. Chinese people still have a set of family ethics! The only Bu G is that everyone drives Sue e's car. Why do they have Beijing accent?